Thursday, January 7, 2010

Nothing is Over Until We Decide it Is!

I've been waiting to hear about town hall meetings and protests as Congressmen are back in the territories of their constituents, but apparently, most folk think that the health care bill is a.) already passed, or b.) is so inevitable it is not worth lifting a finger over. It's a shame that some bloggers (i.e. Allahpundit) are in default defeatist mode, convinced it's over. Votes still need to take place.

Quinn Hillyer from American Spectator writes a rallying piece for Republican Congressmen that holds so true.

See my article from earlier this week, trying to rally the troops as well.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Got Ezra!

The American Spectator is forced to rebut the juvenile sentence constructions of recent college grad and Washington Post's red carpet walking, Ezra Klein. I think the guy just uses those word refrigerator magnets to construct his columns. For his new column he must have opened up that new calculator he got for graduation, because he's spoutin' of math and frighteningly underestimating how much the government would be spending on health care if the new bill passes. If the govt. spends as much as he said, we might all get a tournaquet and aspirin each year, but that'll be about it.

I'm sorry, but why do we keep listening to 24 year old Ezra Klein. His writing gives away his age, I hadn't even heard of him until last month when he came up with some ingenious idea of killing the fillibuster (gee, I never heard that one before). Why conservative blogs quote him, and why the Washington Post would give someone with 24 years of life experience a blog and a pay check is beyond me.

I'm sorry, I mean I'm 34, so I'm not so old that I need up to date guidance from someone The Economist magazine named one of the "minds of the moment", (yeah, a moment, kind of like 15 minutes of fame) and at age 16, I could have wrote and thought something as compelling about a politician as this quote he wrote about Joe Lieberman ; "willing to cause the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people in order to settle an old electoral score".

I must be getting old, because the political and worldly wisdom from these recent college grads just ain't gonna grab my attention. I'm just sick of reading his stupid name "Ezra" over and over again. That's how it goes sometimes; somebody's name simply annoys you, and then you read the critique of this overpaid "journalists" blog, and you "Learn That Life Is One Crushing Defeat After Another Until You Just Wish Flanders Was Dead."

Christmas Vacation is Over

It was nice to relax over the holidays and breath a sigh of relief that Washington D.C. was for the moment, uninhabited by Freedom’s Plague found in the halls of Congress. Yes, it was a time to relish in the fact that if only for a few weeks, the weak parasites who needed to retreat to their resorts were gone for a time, and the rest of us could stop supervising the insubordinates and fully enjoy life with our families and put worry aside.

Today, is January 5, 2010, and that nice time is over. Concession needs to be over as well. It seems that too many fighting Americans actually think that the Health Care bill is Law, likely the result of a deaf and dumb Republican Party too camera shy and busy soaking up sun in some far away land to spread the word. However, the bill is not law, not at least until Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and various Obama advisors huddle in a lair somewhere and hash out a final bill comprised of the Senate and House bills, readying it for one last vote in the House and Senate. You won’t be able to see into the huddle, but the quarterback, or maybe the center, is likely to be Ezekiel Emmanuel, the quack doctor, who wrote one opinion piece after another, favoring rationing health care so that Americans could compete with the rest of the world in dollars spent on vacations. These opinion pieces were published regularly in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA). Yes, the American Medical Association (AMA); a dying organization made up of the last remnants of doctors too lazy to cure and discover cures; instead focused on easier ways to do harm. One easier way is to just get published ad nauseum in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA); even easier when your wife/ ex-wife holds a staff position at the AMA.

I’ve concluded that, Zeke has had an in at the AMA for years, and latched on to public healthcare policy ever since. Based on the Northwestern University Kellogg Staff webpage, “…Dr. Linda Emanuel was Vice President of Ethics Standards and Head of the Institute for Ethics at the American Medical Association. Dr. Emanuel moved to Chicago to create the Institute for Ethics at the AMA and to expand Ethics Standards.” My research shows the Emanuel’s are no longer married, but a quick google search will pull up articles co-written by the duo. You don’t see medical journal articles written by either of the two with titles like, “Accuracy and dimensional stability of extended-pour and conventional alginate impression materials”, you will instead see articles with titles like, “Who really pays for health care?” “The myth of "shared responsibility"”. “The cost-coverage trade-off: "it's health care costs, stupid"”, “What cannot be said on television about health care”, “Changing pre-med requirements and the medical curriculum.”, “Quantifying the federal minimal risk standard: implications for pediatric research without a prospect of direct benefit.”, “The perfect storm of overutilization.” None of these focus on treatment or science, simply policy, simply spreading the healthcare around, simply rationalizing rationing. The Editors of the Journal and the American Medical Association have looked the other, while the editorial page has become filled with article after article on how to avoid provided medical care. Obama and his large staff includes Dr. Emanuel and the fate of U.S. health care is at the mercy of such people and a derelict Congress.

Folks, this is it. If you would like, in 10 years, to still recognize the health care you grew up with (doctor appointments, reassuring nurses, stethoscopes, good beside manners); the time to act is now. Get on the horn to your U.S. Representative and Senator and let them know what you think. Organize protests in front of your U.S. Reps. offices; it isn’t hard to do. And to my fellow Chicagoans; wake up and realize that you have forced an entire state and now the nation, to endure the rule of a monarchy of many for the past 50 years, due to constantly taking the voting path of least resistance. To you Chicago Catholics; realize this one thing; abortion is against the teachings of your Church; a teaching which covers life and death and may I say, first heartbeat of the Will of God. If your faith means any more to you than a source for social outings and happy thoughts, now is the time to say so. Many of us have been in this battle for years and we could use reinforcements. Many of us have lived outside of the realm of patronage, nepotism, and politics as usual and still have a Chicago address. This is it, dress warm and get out there and tell your representatives what you would have them do.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Natural Disaster Talking Points

A day or two following the failed terrorist attack to blow up an airliner above the city of Detroit, the Secretary of Homeland Security assured us that the “system worked.” Unfortunately, for Janet Napolitano; she must have read from an adaptation of a scripted response taken from under the shelf labeled “Hurricane Press Conference”. With a few strikethroughs and text replacements; I’ve put the text back to its original form, ready once again for safe keeping in the hurricane section of shelves in Janet’s office.

NAPOLITANO: "What we are focused on is making sure that the air environment remains safe, that people are confident when they travel. And one thing I'd like to point out is that the system worked. Everybody played an important role here. The passengers residents and crew first responders of the flight in the affected area took appropriate action.

Within literally 90 minutes of the incident disaster occurring, all 128 flights in the air law enforcement and first responders had been notified to take some special measures in light of what had occurred on the affected areas. Northwest Airlines flight. We instituted new measures on the ground and at screening areas shelters, both here in the United States and in Europe, where this flight storm hit originated. So the whole process of making sure that we respond properly, correctly and effectively went very smoothly."

What Napolitano did say is all the words in black text and all the words in red with strikes. As you can plainly see, this would be a fine response for a natural disaster, but it doesn’t quite cut it for one of Napolitano’s coined phrase “man-made disasters”. There is a big difference between natural disasters and man-made disasters; Al Gore’s sermons aside. Unfortunately, there is little that the U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security can do to avoid the oncoming hurricane on its way from Africa to the United States Gulf Coast. After taking the hit of the high winds and torrential rains, DHS can spur into action and receive applause after a press conference such as the one above. The storm of terrorism from Africa to the U.S. has a guarded gate that it must enter, if it can even get to that gate. It made it to and through the gate and the last line of defense; the fellow traveler stopped the storm dead in its tracks, just as the winds, landmass, and ocean current may happen to weaken and move a raging storm away from the well-populated area.

By now, as even Ms. Napolitano has conceded, it is agreed that the system that is supposed to be the first line of defense, did not work. We should have multiple first lines of defense here, made up of redundancies, shared data, and fast moving data. The last line of defense, needs to be the airport security screening and if necessary the terminal gate, and this is just airplane security.

Yes, natural disasters and man-made disasters derive from very different elements. We have in charge, many who don’t seem to realize a difference between the two. A former vice-president seems to see the two as synonymous, yet still I would advise trying to get a handle on keeping the man-made disaster in check as a starting point, before enacting so many ridiculous proposed measures in an effort to keep man from causing heavy winds and rain.