Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Don't Go to Sleep

Just 2 weeks from tonight, we Americans will sit down in front of the TV and watch the returns of the Presidential Election. I hope and pray we will witness one state after another placed in the Mitt Romney column, and a sure win for Romney will be evident by long before Midnight.

Unfortunately, it may not be that easy that night or these 2 weeks leading up to it. The debates are over and now the hit pieces on both candidates are getting warmed up. It appears the hit piece on Romney will be brought to light tomorrow morning. Also, the Friday prior to the election may show unemployment down to 7.6%; even less than last month's suspicious report.

As Ohio seems to teeter on the edge of falling into Obama's column, and possibly being the trump card to another 4 years, conservatives shouldn't be medicated by National Polls showing Romney slightly increasing a small lead. Many unforeseen events could happen in these 2 weeks, and the electoral college may not come out right.