Tuesday, September 14, 2010

It's Called Getting Primaried

O'Donnell beats Castle, and by a good 6 points. Many have said unflattering things about O'Donnell, O.K., we'll see how bad she really is.

The key is that Mike Castle; who would have probably become the most Liberal Republican Senator, won't have his chance. Conservative Republicans will never have to worry about what he might do and what big govt. legislation he will vote YES on. He won't get to go on Meet the Press to poorly represent the Republican Party, and most of all, an example was made out him.

Those Republicans who wish to reach across the aisle and enable the Democrat Party to micro manage the citizenry can keep Mike Castle in the back of their minds, when 20 something year old staffers on the Hill attempt to convince them that voting YES on something like Cap and Trade is a political winner. Remember boys, there is a primary to be won. Also, the Northeast Republicans might want to think twice the next time they buck the party and join a coalition of 2-3 Republicans who join hands with Harry Reid's crew to pass legislation like Financial Reform, the brainchild of Barney Frank and Chris Dodd. Such a Republican can get primaried in states other than Delaware.