Thursday, December 31, 2009

Convention Time

I just saw this link. The National Tea Party Convention will be held in February at the Opryland Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee, and the Keynote Speaker will be............Sarah Palin!

Windy City Obamacare Update

Looking over my recent posts, I guess I should update my post from December 18th

As it turns out, I was seriously off target on Ben Nelson. Guided by hope, I actually wrote "Defender of the Unborn" and "Ben Nelson" in the same sentence, but it will now take a complete about face by Nelson, to ever get me to repeat such a sentence. As it turns out, on the night of my December 18th post, Ben Nelson met in Harry Reid's office with the likes of Barbara Boxer and Chuck Schumer to help him shed his pro-life credentials. One account tells how it was Schumer and others who thought a compromise was hopeless, until Ben stepped in it, and mentioned crafting some state opt-in/ opt-out gibberish, giving Reid, Schumer, and Boxer, and daylight they needed to force the legislation onto the American people.

Nelson's first mistake was entering a room with Barbara Boxer to have a dialogue about abortion. It sounds like "Notre Dame- The Sequel"; the most renowned Catholic University which shed part of its own pro-life strength by inviting the pro-abortion President over for an honorary degree and commencement speech. Nelson made it pathetically easy on Reid by allowing the pro-abortion, Viagra spokeswoman into the room, and for what? What good for his pro-life cause did Nelson possibly think could be done by having mega-feminist Boxer in the room.

Obamacare has a few hurdles yet, before it becomes law, but unless Nelson changes his vote next time the Senate seeks approval of the reconciled House/ Senate version, it appears he may be the un-electable Ben Nelson, lobbyist to be.

Axelrod and Rahm- Once "Blame Bush" Takes its Last Breath, These Two Clowns are Done

The country's greatest political arm twisters, David Axelrod and Rahm Emmanuel appear to be at peak performance these days. Unfortunately for them, once the past is no longer believed to be the cause of present and future problems, these hacks are toast.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

A Sort of New Christmas

This Christmas Day was a bit different than all others. For the first time since her being born, I did not see my sister on Christmas Day. She spent her first Christmas morning with her first child, Seamus, and husband Kevin, and then went to Kevin's family party. We'll all get together tomorrow and open gifts and have brunch. It was nice to be able to sleep in on Christmas morning after a late night going to midnight mass. This is probably the first Christmas in my life that I didn't get up early and open gifts. I gladly slept until 11 AM, and sometime earlier in the morning, my mom gave me the gift of throwing a couple more blankets on me, as I slept on the basement couch. I found a big bin of my baseball cards too, and looked through some of them.

At Noon we went to my Grandma's House. This year we were missing a few of my cousins as well as my sister and brother-in-law. Instead of about 30 people at Grandmas, we had around 20. My little cousins (my aunt and uncle's 5 kids) were there which really helped fill the place a little more, and they are so enjoyable to have around. My little god-daughter who is a year and half seems to become a character when she's tired and having fun. She kept moving a small, one foot high stool to sit on in front of me, on the couch. This same stool my Grandpa used to rest his head on when he laid on the floor and watched TV, before he died over 20 years ago. She sat on the stool to watch the older kids watch my brother and cousins play Super Mario Brothers. Her older brother who is 4 asked why my eldest uncle was still asleep in the recliner chair, and someone suggested waking him up. When a few taps didn't work, my cousin went to get his kiddie saxophone and he blew some forte notes in front on my uncle. I'm sure it is impossible to go into a deep sleep there on Holidays; I've tried.

So, it was a Christmas that was different but quite the same. Very nice all around, and another reason to appreciate God's great gift of family and children.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Time for Obamacare to Go on Christmas Break

Not many are happy with it. Most Americans want to keep things the way they are rather than pass it. The time has come for Obamacare to go on Christmas vacation and for Senators to head back to their home states and face the music. I lift my glass of eggnog and say, "Here's to Ben Nelson the Defender of the Unborn, Jim Webb the Silent, and Joe Lieberman the Ointment's Fly." Of these three I pray that Ben Nelson stays worthy of his above title.

Here is a good Ann Coulter article with a nice change of pace with its little less bite than usual; it's pretty right on.

Monday, December 14, 2009

McCain Consols Lieberman

Yet another reason why I find John McCain an iron free, wet noodle of a Conservative, and a hindrance to the battles against liberalism. In the National Review Online post below. We get to read about McCain's pep talk to Joe Lieberman, in the middle of a battle. For now, Joe is arguing strategy with his Democrat allies. He wants to retreat on the Obamacare Bill, and he is catching hell from liberals bent on Obamacare passing at any cost. A few bloggers are passing around a petition to lobby the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation to fire Joe's wife, because Joe is holding out on voting for Obamacare. McCain's defense of Joe is mealy mouthed as are most of the words that leave his mouth whenever he is not throwing a temper tantrum. It is nice that he defends his friend is so many ways, but at the end he fails to overcome the great unreliability that any careful observer could pin on McCain. He says at the very end; “I only talk to him in the way that a friend talks to a friend,” says McCain. “I tell him that I know whatever he does, it will be the right thing.”

Hey Johnny, what if he votes for the current bill, IS THAT THE RIGHT THING? What a dunce you are Johnny; is it too early or cruel to use the word senile. Mr. McCain, you are not Joe's parent telling a high school aged Joe that if he chooses to play baseball or run track this Spring, either way he'll stay in shape. This is a decision between either voting FOR a huge liberty destroying bill, or voting AGAINST a huge
liberty destroying bill. There is a right and a wrong to this John, believe it or not. Meanwhile, as is usually my advice, why don't you keep your mouth shut. Like the Good Lord once said, "say yes when you mean yes, and no when you mean no". McCain's been trying to say yes and no to the same questions over and over, and the act is getting old.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Human Perfection by the Dictate of Humans

"We are called to be Saints". So said St. Paul in his letter to the Romans. This is a call from God and He alone. Today the world of non-believers received a call of perfection from President Obama.

Obama: “But we do not have to think that human nature is perfect for us to still believe that the human condition can be perfected.”

Who will bless one who partakes in this pursuit?

As Victor Davis Hanson writes today:

"That thought of the perfectibility of the human condition, in lieu of deterrence and military preparedness, throughout history has gotten millions killed. The human condition can be improved, but only by acknowledgment of the lethal propensities of some — and by readiness to prevent those propensities’ becoming manifest. Most of the great wars of the 20th century were fought against those who were convinced that “the human condition can be perfected.”

Obama must not take much credence in the Book of Revelations. Apparently, he thinks the story ends with a U.S. President spreading misery equally, closing the gates of Earth from Heavenly intervention, while sent to us is this U.S. President created by God to rule over all on the Earth. God sent his only Son so that all who believe in him will have eternal life. God wouldn't send us Obama to neutralize souls as they await death. Not after Jesus set our souls on fire. All non-believers still have a choice; do you wish to follow the examples of Obama or Jesus.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Minority Party is Supposed to be "The Party of No".

Americans chose Democrats to lead the nation. Whether they meant to or not, they forgot to elect enough Republicans to get any legislation written by Republicans passed. As they say, "Elections have consequences". The ONLY purpose the Republicans can now serve is to COMMUNICATE what is wrong with Democrat proposals, and explain what they would do differently, if there were enough of them in office. After that, all they can do is say NO, and use parliamentary tactics and whatever means the Founding Fathers put into place to slow down tyranny. They need to do this to buy time until the next election when more Republicans can be elected to do whatever it is voters elect them to do.

I'm not paid to think this or write this, but someone is making big Republican money to not think this or write this. My predication: If Obamacare passes, Republicans go the way of the Whigs. Bye bye country club members; inherited wealth, nepotism, name recognition, and the fact that you were a POW 35 years ago, ain't gonna cut it anymore. You will prove how useless and unthinking you really are, and that you were the great enablers of the death of our freedoms.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Led by the Godless UPDATE: Usurped by the Kennedys

Today, we are truly under the whim of godless government employees and politicians. The current attempts to takeover health care and regulate carbon dioxide emissions are two huge symptoms of the world's greatest disease: Godlessness. No matter what a politician or government employee may tell you about their religious faith, it is clear that the majority believe there is no God, once you look past their act of enduring God, while putting up their patronizing facade at so many Protestant Churches throughout America. Prostestantism seems to be the world's stage for corrupt politicians to spread their lies with a false cover of religion. Being that the Eucharist is nowhere in sight, they can do this fearlessly. You do not see a politician give a speech during a Catholic Mass, do you? If these government leaders were truly people who followed God, events would be nowhere near where they are.

If you are godless you may believe that only you and cooperative others can save mankind and future generations. (The Global Warming hoax wouldn't exist without such godless figures and fellow believers of man made global warming.) Only if you believe there is no God who created you, can you believe that the fires you light for warmth and the breath you exhale could harm the world that God created. You may only believe that your origins were begotten from exploding gasses and stars or simply a tadpole, and now your mere existence is turning your habitat to ruin. Being godless you would believe your fellow Godless neighbors could only produce and invent things that ultimately prove to be evil. Somehow even though you are godless, you do believe evil exists, but only in humans who don't agree with you; you being the God you've appointed yourself to be; since there really is no higher being, or so you believe. So, since you were elected to a position in government, or appointed by one who is elected, or hired by the appointed, your the tops; it's up to you. However, unfortunately for you and the rest of us, you are very limited in your ability, but you might be able to write and enforce laws to enslave the rest of us to make up for your shortcomings.

There are only so many doctors out there, and there is only so much room on the computer screen for commas and decimal points which notate fictional dollar amounts, so now you feel it is time to take control over it; afterall who else could do such a thing. You were elected to a high office, or appointed by the elected person, or hired by the apointee, so you're it. You're the one. The length of your arm is as long as any arm. Unfortunately for you and for the rest of us, you really don't know too much about how healthcare in the U.S. came to advance as it has, but you think everyone should have the same chance at acquiring it, so whoever the doctors, insurers, researchers, etc. are, you want them to change to your liking and be compensated to the amount that you think is fair. Whatever their shortcomings are, and become after you force them to change, you will make up for by collecting many more taxes and forcing others to buy the insurance product that you don't know how to produce. Your the tops, and you think people in this country spend too much on health care and it embarrases you because in other countries people don't spend so much on health care and because they do so in your country, you get all embarrassed around all the other "tops".

The other thing about healthcare is that you can't perform miracles, and there is no being in the universe that can, so once someone reaches what you deem to be an irreversible condition, you're done paying for them, that's it, their time to bask in your glory is over.

And one more thing. Since their is no God, in your mind, the average man or woman on the street is severely limited, and also corrupt and evil. They can be no way influenced by some sort of wonderful counselor, and they were never elected to any position, or appointed by someone elected, or hired by someone appointed, so they could never produce anything worthwhile for other humans or even themselves, so it is up to you to provide for them. The way to do this is to take away from those few less than human, producers who have scourged the earth and stole everything. You never told them they could do anything for themselves, or donate time and money to anyone, so who do they think they are; hand it over you wasteful theives. Who better than you to decide who to help? After all, you are the tops, and you are known by your fruits.

UPDATE: Politicians often receive an open forum from Protestant churches as mentioned above, but being that they are unable to grab the microphone at Catholic Mass, Cafeteria Catholic Politicians write OP-Eds to criticize bishops on Magesterial Church Teachings. Who better to continue to do this, then members of the Kennedy family. Oh, if only Lee Harvey Oswald hadn't pulled the trigger, the Kennedy fascinations could have run their natural course and ended 30 years ago. Instead, today we all continue to suffer from America's greatest farcical family legacy.

Friday, December 4, 2009

"When the Iraqi's Stand Up, We'll Stand Down"

This title quote was stated by George W. Bush quite often as he tried to convince a weary nation and adversarial Congress that a troop surge in Iraq was necessary and would work. This quote was the "timeline" George W. Bush created. It was a milestone and not a date on the calendar.

These days, President Obama is trying for a troop surge as well in Afghanistan, but he is also trying for a deadline; July, 2011; a month on a calendar, not a milestone of achievement.

Unfortunately, the "conservative" non-thinkers lack the will or brightness to make mention of this key difference. Newt Gingrich and the CWINOs (Conservative Writers in Name Only), are saying that Bush created a timeline for Iraq too. If he did, he didn't telegraph it to the enemy. He didn't include it in his speech to the nation on the Iraq Surge.

The question I ask is this: When did Afghanistan suddenly become such a tough fight? All during the Iraq War, we heard from the left that Afghanistan was the right war and their was no nightly body count given. The anti-war movement must have been so distracted by Iraq that they forgot to demand that the U.S. Troops in Afghanistan come home to fight Hurricane Katrina. I thought things were going well there, but then Obama got elected.

President Bush was in his second term but had just suffered a huge beating in the Congressional elections in 2006. He quickly fired Don Rumsfeld, and in January announced the Iraq surge. He did this with a Democrat controlled Congress who wanted troops out now, a minority of support from the public, and a squeamish bunch of what was left of Republicans in Congress. He did have the support of the ever so influential John McCain, but even without McCain, Bush probably would have taken the surge direction. The Democrats in Congress tried to cut funding for Iraq and played games with troop funding every chance they got. Remember the night that hundreds of cots were hauled into the Capitol building, for a night of debate on stripping war funds. Only a few of those idiots used the cots, while the rest went to their posh lodging. Yet another waste of taxpayer dollars.

Let us contrast this with President Obama. He has a huge advantage in Congress, and the pressure is not to withdraw troops from the evil Iraq War, but to withdraw them or keep a stagnant number in the good war, Afghanistan. Apparently, the moral justification for a war is solely dependent on its ease. Maybe the Civil War served no moral good afterall. Obama might still be waiting to send troops had not General McChrystal's request for more troops had been leaked. But as it was, Obama waited as long as possible so the domestic issues at home could go his way, before jeopardizing the unabetted assaults on the freedom of U.S. citizens, with a unapproved of foreign policy decision.

George W. Bush seemed to separate domestic policy advantages from foreign policy neccessity. It seems Obama has been unable to separate the foreign policy neccessities which hinder his momentum on his domination of domestic policy. He sure has tried; but time ran out on his dithering and the milestones have been hard to realize. Let us hope that our military has better success.