Thursday, October 22, 2009

Newt's Been Catholic 10 Minutes- Endorses Pro-Choice Republican

Do we really need more Catholics who keep quiet and go against the teachings of the faith? Well, we just got another one this year in former Speaker of the House- Newt Gingrich. Usually, the Catholic politicians who leave their faith back at the church door have been baptized since infancy and are Catholic only as a part of some ethnic heritage, although Catholicism knows no ethnicity. However, good old Newt converted in 2009 and is already backing a pro-choice Republican for NY-23 Congressional District. This isn't just any pro-choice Republican either, it is Dede Scozzafava, who probably has less to offer folks like pro-lifer Doug Kmiec than Obama.

It is nothing new for members of the "Baby Boomer" generation of which Newt and Doug appear to be a members of, to have discovered a need to throw away the Catholic faith as taught to them and try to re-invent it. Newt just came aboard and already is putting politics above faith. But who knows what his RCIA notes may say. Given the infiltration of liberal theology in Parishes throughout the U.S., the social justice teachings Newt learned may have been exclusively geared toward softening him up on his beliefs about capital punishment while avoiding the topic of abortion all together. It's a subject many Catholics choose to ignore.

The children of these boomers either have their parents heresies engrained in them, or were so blessed to pay them no heed and learned the faith on their own, or grew up with parents who turned away from the detrimental 1960's and the mis-understood yet great catalyst for changes by the diabolical influences in the church; Vatican II. The children of the boomers laugh at grandma reminding them to get to mass on Sunday, as I once did. The hope is that the great majority of diobolical influences in the church are buried along with the boomers who were left so open to such influence.

One would have hoped that a politician such as Newt, converting so late in life, would have gotten off to a better start. Time is needed for improvement. Newt is full of politics, leaving little room for the Holy Spirit. Mr. Gingrich, will you trade politics for principle?

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

White Lab Coats- In, Medical Tests- Out

Yesterday, the president hosted a confederacy of medical dupes, many of whom forgot to bring their photo-op neccessity; the white coat. So, White House professionals quickly handed out white coats that they happened to have on hand. Those big money assistants sure are coming in handy these days. The Obama dog needed some more Alpo, and Michelle Obama needed an afternoon latte, so a case and a cup was also grabbed along the way.

In other healthcare takeover news, this Wall St. Journal article mentions again, how adamently opposed the president is to wasteful medical tests, like MRI's and CAT scans. The kind of tests that oncologists and cardiologists use to diagnose their patients. It must be more cost effective to just guess whether or not a patient has a heart condition or cancer. Give em chemo; just don't test em to make sure it's actually needed. Schedule a bypass, but for the love of God, don't order another echocardiogram.

When I was 12, I was hit by a car. Lucky for me, I initially showed no signs of damage. However, about 10 months later, I began to have horrible chronic leg pain. In 1988, my rural healthcare workers didn't have the latest technology. I saw a Rheumatologist, probably an Oncologist, and more doctors than I can remember. X-Rays and even a Bone Scan didn't show anything that could cause such symptoms. After months of inconclusive diagnoses, I was brought to a children's hospital in Chicago, and within a week, a brand spanking new MRI confirmed that I had a herniated disk in my back which required surgery. A month later, I was recovering from surgery, and my leg was pain free, and remains so to this day. If cost cutters like Obama had ruled the day, my Roy Rogers/ John Wayne limp would still prevail, and I would likely be living a sedentary lifestyle, unable to be physically active do to severe leg pain, and probably additional pain acquired over the years.

Tests may cost extra and in cases prove worthless, but they are humane in allowing doctors to see what the naked eye cannot, and from there, begin the kind cure.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Another Catholic Politician- No Friend to the Unborn

On the first Sunday in October, many Catholic politicians in Illinois walked once again up the steps of their parish to receive the eucharist with their soul in a state that they see fit. Another Sunday to rest and spend time with family before another busy day of making a name for themselves with the rest of the world.

Vi Daley, I presume yet another Irish Catholic politician on the Chicago City Council, has sponsored an ordinance to prohibit pro-life sidewalk counseling outside of abortion clinics in Chicago. Mrs. Daley would submit her fellow Catholic brethren to a $500 fine if they were to come within 8 feet of someone entering an abortion clinic. Does not Daley know that sidewalk counseling saves lives? Daley claims that "protests" outside a clinic in her Lincoln Park ward have grown in number of participants and have become "agressive".

At a health care facility in the ward, one which provides women's health
care in addition to reproductive services, the number of protestors has more
than tripled. The local police and nearby residents have reported
increasingly aggressive tactics. The police cannot respond to the
Federal law and have few, if any, alternative options until an otherwise
illegal activity takes place.

In her quote above from her website, Daley refers to "aggressive tactics". Are there any police reports filed regarding these "agressive tactics"? If no, than Daley is clearly trying to make what is a legal activity, illegal. Since Mrs. Daley doesn't like it, she wants to make it a crime. This is what our modern day politicians are fighting for these days. Constitutional rights are being broken down and made into illegal elements. What was once O.K. for nearly 40 years, is now a problem to Daley because, now there are more protestors, and she doesn't like it.

Also, she states that police can currently do nothing. Since when have police been unable to respond to whatever Federal law she is talking about? Does the Sanctuary City status of Chicago, which allows illegal immigration to flourish in the city, also apply to laws regarding assembly? Mrs. Daley is clearly another nanny state politician who money made. It's a shame that she has spent no time seeing for herself the caring sidewalk counseling, rosary praying, and hymn singing. She is another Catholic politician who leaves her faith inside the church doors, receives communion from pushover clergy, and goes about destroying the tenants of the faith each Monday- Saturday.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Happy October

Well, since the country is now wrapped up in whether or not Chicago will host an Olympics in 2016, I guess we can forget about everything else that might be serious. Obama is in Denmark, for the cause of Chicago Olympics 2016, so there must not be anything else to worry about.

Congress might pass the health care bill next week, complete with tax payer funded abortion and mandated health insurance complete with IRS supervision. However, the always hoodwinked Republicans and their dwindling base still thinks they already won the health care battle back on September 12, because they think 2 million showed up in Washington D.C. on a Saturday. Only Rush and the Heritage Foundation are making noise about the possibility of health care legislation being passed by a ridiculous parliamentary procedure. I'll be surprised if it really does happen, but the whispering is already happening and since so many of us have spent the last 3 months complaining about pending legislation, shouldn't we remain vigilant during these significant hours of a possible congressional heist? I know Krauthammer said that the "public option" is dead, but he's been wrong before.

Iran seems to moving full speed ahead with creating a nuclear bomb and the U.S. Military Commanders say they could use some more troops in Afghanistan, but Obama needs to make sure Chicago gets the 2016 Olympics first. I remember in 2004 when Democrat politicians were saying we needed more troops in Iraq, and Bush kept saying that as soon as the Generals asked for them they would receive them. Now the Generals are asking for additional troops for the "good war" and the new president needs to wait and see. I don't know what he is looking for.

So, at this point, I say, to heck with it all. Maybe things will become less like the Twilight Zone long enough for me to get my thoughts together and write another good post, but for now, I'm only good for about 4 Rosarys a day, daily mass, and some focus at work. I have no idea what might happen next week, month, or year, in my life, or on this earth.