Saturday, June 19, 2010


Here is a little roundup of tidbits from American Spectator writers.

Some of them serve as yet another reminder that Republicans are the great enablers of progressive policies, and a dysfunctional band of reactive hand-wringing lovers of Washington DC. Guys who will do anything to stay in their relationship with the swampy capitol and all her friends. Like a man who would stay married to his promiscuous wife, as long as she brings him along to the parties, the long-time GOP grand daddys shamefully, bicker a little, but in the end let the Democrat bells of the ball win the day. Afterall, no matter how immoral or destructive, the power lies with them. That is, until the Republicans are brave enough to take a few lumps and stand up to what is wrong, no matter the cost. If they have to move into a small bachelor's apartment and do their own laundry, they should. If they need to step out of the limelight and accept only the power of their vote, they must.