Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Honduras Officials Taken Off the Guest List; Ahmadinejad Remains?

The U.S. State Department under Obama is actually keeping government officials out of U.S. by Visa denial. If only the Bush Administration would have tried that with a certain Iranian. I am not sure why State would deny a Visa to officials of the new Honduras Government, but the story mentions that one of the officials is Honduras Supreme Court Justice Tomas Arita, who ordered the arrest of ousted president Manuel Zelaya in late June, 2009. Zelaya is happy with the Visa denial and is urging the U.S. to do more to help restore him to power. Nevermind the fact that he single handedly attempted to force a change to the Honduras constitution to make it possible for him to run for another term of office. Why would a U.S. President side with someone who did something like that? Of course, Obama might not make it to a second term as it is, so it's a mystery why he would side with Zelaya. Then again Zelaya and Hugo Chavez (Socialist, Venezuela) and Fidel Castro (Socialist, Cuba) are on the same team here so...Eureka.

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