Wednesday, July 22, 2009

It's Not Just About Money

This society really does demonstrate a worship of money over many many important things. Regarding Obamacare, it seems that only when $ became the front page issue did the cry against it begin to take effect. But wait, if it's just about money, the U.S. Congress might be able to work around that. After all, spending is job 1 for them. What happens when congressional leaders cut a few hundred billion from the bill and win the hearts of the constant fencesitters in the Democrat and Republican Partys? The quality of healthcare provided by this bill will not go up (less $ = less quality), and the mandates on purchasing government healthcare might stay right where they are.

We should be scared if the main objection right now is $ and not loss of freedom and healthcare. It's $ that will determine if the elderly are given the care they need. It's $ that will cause rationing for the rest of us. It's $ that will influence how generous that health review board is going to be when they decide on whether or not and how soon you can receive the new hip or kidney transplant. Just like it's $ that sees to it pot holes are filled in June when first appearing in January on Chicago streets. Just like it's $ that influences a state to legalize marinuana, a city to open a casino, and decorate the streets with red light cameras. It's $ that influences people to have abortions.

We should be less worried about the money and more about what else will be taken from us and forced upon us in this H.R. 3200. Americans should be ready to address these concerns once Congress solves the money problem. Eventually, they always do.

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