Monday, July 13, 2009

What Of the Anti-Palin Republicans?

After reading the opinions on Sarah Palin’s latest blunder by the former Reagan speechwriter, former Bush 43 speechwriter, former leader of John McCain’s 2 losing presidential bids, THE New York Times and PBS approved conservative columnist, the guy who forced himself to quit the McCain campaign because he was afraid to say anything critical about an African-American, and the go to guy from the ’08 McCain campaign for all the dirt that is fit to print about Sarah Palin, I wonder what this list of important Republicans will do if she were to win the GOP nomination in 2012.

Will they establish a crescendo of support for her or will they line up outside the studio doors of MSNBC waiting for their turn to explain how Palin has damaged the Republican Party and divided it between those reasonable ones like themselves who strive to find the middle ground with their Democrat friends (the ones who really no how to throw an elegant cocktail party), and those bitter angry Joe the Plumbers. Their steadfast protests of Palin’s existence may make it hard for them to ever support her as nominee because she doesn’t get the big things right; such as providing them the cover they need to take her as seriously as they do Obama. For them, she needs to seclude herself in her study for the next few years to study up on all the things she didn’t have a chance to learn while she was busy fishing and having kids. She needs to be able to get big things like Iran and Honduras right because she might not be able to tell the difference between the groups defending and crying for freedom in those countries and those disregarding court edicts and cracking heads. (although I might be able to understand disregarding court edicts, but not in the case of Honduras Democracy). That girl had better learn a thing or two about hiring CEOs for auto manufacturers, before she stands on a debate stage with the likes of Mike Huckabee.

Some of these important Republicans have made it sound like McCain let the crazy family member out of the attic when he picked Palin. Nobody knew of this Palin with her uneducated ways, therefore nobody realized she was related to the prestigious Republican family until Uncle John opened the wrong door; the one Lieberman was supposed to be behind. However, I remember seeing a nice looking photograph of a pleasant go-getter a year or two before Fall 2008, with something written beneath it on how she might run for president or something. Maybe if she could have fit onto the cramped debate stage she could have made Ron Paul look really good. I also remember thinking that this woman was to my liking, but too bad the poor gal was paired up with McCain.

Almost a year after McCain’s VP choice, this might be the ultimate conclusion I’ve come to regarding Sarah Palin. She would probably have been better off not being McCain’s running mate. By now, her approval rating would be huge in Alaska, her name untarnished, and maybe even the important Republicans (the ones that sometimes vote Democrat for President) would be taking her seriously; maybe even with a smile.

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