Thursday, August 13, 2009

The GOP's Last Chance for Victory

I was listening to Rush Limbaugh yesterday afternoon and he again told the audience that Republican Senators/ House Members are non-factors if Obamacare gets passed. This was after a call from a guy who commented on the Republican Senators who are negotiating over the health care bill in the Senate Finance Committee. Rush continues to dismiss the effects of the random 3 to 4 GOP Senators who Democrats commonly sway to vote Yes on legislation destined to fail. As I've written before, the stimulus that was passed in February was done courtesy of Maine's Collins and Snowe and then Republican, Arlen Specter.

It always comes down to the cloture vote, and there always seems to be a GOP Senator waiting in the wings to either vote against cloture if the President happens to be George W. Bush, or for cloture if the President is Barak Obama. The 60 vote requirement to end debate was used by the 45 Senate Democrats to block the nomination of John Bolton for U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, as well as to block numerous judicial nominations made by George W. Bush. Bolton was eventually given a recess appointment by Bush, but judicial seats which would have been filled with judges selected by Bush were kept open for judges to be named by Obama. The Democrat Senate prior to 2006 voted as one, and many times got their way, acting as a majority party while demanding rights for themselves as the minority party. The election of 2006 put the Senate and House in Democrat hands and the concept of rights for the minority party has since disappeared.

Today, whenever GOP defections occur, you can bet that Democrats reap the benefits in multiple ways. For example, when Collins/ Snowe/ Specter voted for the stimulus, the door was left open for Red State Democrats to vote for the bill and claim it to be a bi-partisan measure. If the 3 would have voted against it, it is likely that a small handful of those Red State Democrats would also have voted against it, which would have made the vote closer and even if it had passed, it would have 100% owned by the Democrats. GOP defections can also lead to Democrats benefitting politically from voting against their party. In the House, the cap-and-trade voted which took place earlier this summer, was supported by just 8 Republicans, and passed 217-215. Had all House Republicans voted NO, a.) the bill would not have passed, or b.) an additonal 8 Democrats who voted NO on the unpopular legislation would've had to vote YES in order for the bill to pass. If scenario (b.) had taken place, 8 additonal Democrats would now have the cap-and-trade albatross around their necks come election time. As it often goes, they were spared by Republican defectors.

A party line vote probably rarely happens in the House, but when 1000+ page freedom limiting legislation comes up for a vote, it is important for Republicans to hold firm at least in order to moderate future legislation that comes to the floor. There is no way to limit the overreach of liberal legislation if Republicans continue to provide cover to their colleagues in the Democrat Party with just the right amount of Republican YES votes.

This brings me back to H.R. 3200. If 8 random Republicans in the House vote YES on this bill, as happened with Cap and Trade, and/or if 3 random Republicans vote YES on the Senate version, conservative voters will know that we have become a nation represented by Democrat and Democrat Lite, and will clearly see that Republicans are the party of the maverick, and of the politician whose narrow plans are made not for America's future, but for their own bi-annual election cycle. The GOP will clearly be known as the party unable to hold the line in order to save the U.S. from the other party; in this case, one with a vision of a Government grown so large that whatever one might call it, be it Socialist, Facist, Communist, it will have become so strong with oversight powers that it will allow its providers to engulf the citizenry in the flames of their every whim.

If this day comes, if the citizenry have enough freedom left to fight the spread of government's cloud, it's seems only a 3rd political party can be relied upon to grow from a diet of moral principle dedicated to inalienable rights. I only advocate for this sprout if it becomes neccessary and clear that it is the only hope left for countering the failed experiments of Godless leaders and return to a land and beacon for the world which we once proclaimed God shed his grace upon.

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