Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Sweet Home Chicago Counter Rally

Yesterday, IL-Rep Jan Shakowski (D) had a lil' rally in downtown Chicago. The Democrats must pay rent on these "bi-partisan" grounds, because everytime one of their big causes start to steam up, they put on a dog and pony show in Federal Plaza. I joined a group representing the other side of the debate and we stood on the other side of the street, holding signs and shouting back and forth with the 20 or so pro-government takeover types who faced us. I'm not sure why we couldn't have just been on the same side of the street so our fabulous signs could make the news, but oh well.
It was a mostly jovial occasion, topped off by a few temperate arguments and Stevie Wonder's "Happy Birthday" song playing on the loud speakers in honor of the president's birthday. Even some of us boring conservatives danced with our signs. Why should the other side of the street have all the fun. Pics are below.

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