Monday, December 14, 2009

McCain Consols Lieberman

Yet another reason why I find John McCain an iron free, wet noodle of a Conservative, and a hindrance to the battles against liberalism. In the National Review Online post below. We get to read about McCain's pep talk to Joe Lieberman, in the middle of a battle. For now, Joe is arguing strategy with his Democrat allies. He wants to retreat on the Obamacare Bill, and he is catching hell from liberals bent on Obamacare passing at any cost. A few bloggers are passing around a petition to lobby the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation to fire Joe's wife, because Joe is holding out on voting for Obamacare. McCain's defense of Joe is mealy mouthed as are most of the words that leave his mouth whenever he is not throwing a temper tantrum. It is nice that he defends his friend is so many ways, but at the end he fails to overcome the great unreliability that any careful observer could pin on McCain. He says at the very end; “I only talk to him in the way that a friend talks to a friend,” says McCain. “I tell him that I know whatever he does, it will be the right thing.”

Hey Johnny, what if he votes for the current bill, IS THAT THE RIGHT THING? What a dunce you are Johnny; is it too early or cruel to use the word senile. Mr. McCain, you are not Joe's parent telling a high school aged Joe that if he chooses to play baseball or run track this Spring, either way he'll stay in shape. This is a decision between either voting FOR a huge liberty destroying bill, or voting AGAINST a huge
liberty destroying bill. There is a right and a wrong to this John, believe it or not. Meanwhile, as is usually my advice, why don't you keep your mouth shut. Like the Good Lord once said, "say yes when you mean yes, and no when you mean no". McCain's been trying to say yes and no to the same questions over and over, and the act is getting old.

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