Thursday, December 31, 2009

Windy City Obamacare Update

Looking over my recent posts, I guess I should update my post from December 18th

As it turns out, I was seriously off target on Ben Nelson. Guided by hope, I actually wrote "Defender of the Unborn" and "Ben Nelson" in the same sentence, but it will now take a complete about face by Nelson, to ever get me to repeat such a sentence. As it turns out, on the night of my December 18th post, Ben Nelson met in Harry Reid's office with the likes of Barbara Boxer and Chuck Schumer to help him shed his pro-life credentials. One account tells how it was Schumer and others who thought a compromise was hopeless, until Ben stepped in it, and mentioned crafting some state opt-in/ opt-out gibberish, giving Reid, Schumer, and Boxer, and daylight they needed to force the legislation onto the American people.

Nelson's first mistake was entering a room with Barbara Boxer to have a dialogue about abortion. It sounds like "Notre Dame- The Sequel"; the most renowned Catholic University which shed part of its own pro-life strength by inviting the pro-abortion President over for an honorary degree and commencement speech. Nelson made it pathetically easy on Reid by allowing the pro-abortion, Viagra spokeswoman into the room, and for what? What good for his pro-life cause did Nelson possibly think could be done by having mega-feminist Boxer in the room.

Obamacare has a few hurdles yet, before it becomes law, but unless Nelson changes his vote next time the Senate seeks approval of the reconciled House/ Senate version, it appears he may be the un-electable Ben Nelson, lobbyist to be.

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