Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Birth Certificate or House Resolution Required

The best outcome for the cause of the birth certificate vigilantes may not be that Obama is eventually found not to be a natural born citizen and stripped of his presidency; but I would love to see that a few years after his presidency, it is proven that he is not a natural born U.S. citizen, if nothing else but to see the hand-wringing conservatives shown for the status quo opportunists that they are. I read a lot of political blogs, and while I rely on many for the good information that they provide, there are those which often disappoint and annoy me because they are so hung up on MSM reaction to the embarrasing members of the conservatives family like Sarah Palin followers and "birthers", or as I will call them, birth certificate vigilantes. These are the "smart" conservatives who will tell us repeatedly that as long as a candidate has an (R) after his/her name, we must support them. (see John McCain, Mark Kirk, Arlen Specter, Maine Senators, Lincoln Chafee, etc.) These are the conservatives who tell us, "see, now the U.S. House has passed a resolution stating that Obama is a natural born citizen, therefore it must be true."

The line between Republican and Democrat is becoming more and more blurry. If somehow Obamacare passes before the August recess, it will be because of those Republicans who have been the great enablers for Liberal Democrat policies and the liberal big government direction of D.C. since the Gang of 14. As I write this, news is coming out about Senate compromise on healthcare. Supposedly, there is a group of 6 bi-partisan Senators who are trying to push healthcare reform through. The obligatory compromise is becoming all too routine. The minority in the GOP who have been continually providing cover for the Democrat's destructive policies just can't seem to help themselves. What is it going to take GOP? A minority position of 30 senate seats before the mindless compromise and shady deals stop? Charles Grassley (R, Iowa) has already given the Democrats CPR over the weekend, when saying that a bill will be passed this year. Hey Iowa, how much more ethanol subsidies do you need before voting in a Senator who can represent the full scope of American interests?

If the healthcare bill gets passed in anywhere near the form it is currently in, I think it will be prime time for a 3rd party to become a player in 2010 and 2012. The conservative braintrust can downplay and preach against it all they want, but if that line between Republican and Democrat Representation continues to blur, that 3rd party may become quite an electoral competitor.

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