Monday, July 27, 2009

Hope and Change

If nothing else comes out of the Gates episode, at least we have learned that despite the fact that Gates was arrested for being defiant and belligerent toward law enforcement, the nation's commenting braintrust has assured us all that it is not illegal to have a temper trantum and yell at cops so one should not be arrested for it. Therefore, the police really did act stupidly. I knew Obama must have been right.

So go ahead everyone, go ballistic! The cops just sit around eating doughnuts all day anyway, they could probably use a good dose of exhuberence. The useless intelligentsia steps up to the plate for America once again. Remember middle American, they know better than you, they are truly educated. What you thought was right and wrong just plain isn't; if only you were privileged enough to study and think about it, you'd know.

Wrongful arrest.

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