Monday, July 27, 2009

Catholics for Obama Take Heed

Perhaps President Obama can address a question about this story and what it says about religious freedom. Has Lynn Sweet's White House press pass been revoked yet, or is there still time? Below is a link to a piece by Matt Bowman at the American Spectator which explains the status of conscience protection for health care workers. To the surprise of the Obama supporting flock, he ain't done much to lower the demand for abortion, but don't you progressive types worry, choice is alive and well; not so much for the Catholic who wants to abide by the church's teaching, but for they who like an occasional church gathering and ask themselves, "is Obama more catholic than the pope?", if a friend makes a mistake on a Saturday night, the choice remains.

Matt Bowman- Obama's Conscience Claws
more on the story

I'll keep an eye out for any kind of financial or other support for Catherina Cenzon-DeCarlo. Please pray for her and as always, pray for those who do not see the intrinsic evil of abortion, and pray for courage and zeal for those who do.

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  1. Amen, brother. Let's work to fight the so-called "Reducing the Need for Abortion" Act, as well, which has the Catholics for Obama crowd's rhetoric written all over it. Turns out it includes public funding for abortions, among other intrinsic evils (shocking, I know). I'll be making a call to my pro-life Congressman's office to make sure he votes NO on this pernicious piece of legislation, that's for sure.