Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Coming Beer Photo Op and the Swine Flu: Update- 7/27/09, Update II- 7/27/09 at 1:02 PM

Just when it starts to look like things are starting to turn around for the nation, it appears we will be treated to a beer drinking kumbaya at the White House with the "stupid" cop, some professor I had never heard of, and the U.S. President. I think we're due for another lecture on race, after all we haven't elected an African-American for president in almost a year. I hope more voters are starting to see the folly of white guilt, and that forgiveness saves. If you can't forgive yourself for your politically incorrect, and possibly lynch happy and/or slave owning ancestors, perhaps take a trip to the confessional.

Holding on to a grudge for the sins of the past has given so much to African-Americans hasn't it? Kids shoot up the neighbors on Saturday nights in Chicago, while Ivy League professors throw tantrums at cops. Great numbers of people gather in the same spot for a news segment, make America shed a guilty tear, and then the group leaders get in their nice cars and drive off to the other side of the tracks. Racism and gun related sob stories bring in the dollars for the finger pointers like Jesse, Al, and Henry Louis. Long live the mistakes of others! Make noise, find the cameras, and collect.

For Obama, it's time to have a beer with a white guy and watch your poll numbers go up again. It's just that easy. Meanwhile, if your healthcare bill is in shambles, don't worry, the Swine Flu is making the rounds and will make for a most perfect cause to get that damn thing passed already. You can even take the acknowledgement of morality off the shelf, and tell the world that its morally imperative pass this bill. Oh America, it's true, anyone can succeed here, the American dream is alive and well.

Update: Other perspectives of note on the Obama, Gates, and Crowley trifecta.
Heather MacDonald
Jack Dunphy
Victor Davis Hanson- Obama to the white guilt afflicted: “Vote for me and I will offer you instant exemption from all prior racial guilt — and yet allow you to live your rather secluded lives as usual.” (Bold Italics, mine)

Update II: And a perspective on swine flu from one who may have it. Sounds like a very tough bug. We should be thankful that we live in an age where we have the resources to combat a temporary illness that could have killed many in the early part of the 20th century. And remember, Obamacare isn't the comprehensive solution to the swine flu. There are plenty of less expensive and sweeping avenues that Congress could take if it became necessary for that degree of govt. intervention.

Mark Hemingway- Swine Flu is here, be prepared.

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