Monday, July 20, 2009

Confirming Citizenship = Racism

I just read this story about a lady acting up at a townhall meeting. She's bewildered at why Obama hasn't released his birth certificate to prove he was born in the U.S. She also says he is Kenyan, to give her back her country and her flag. I wouldn't want this lady to be my personal spokesperson, but the comments section in this story hits with all tones of mockery on a couple of repeated points.

A.) Obama is keeping his birth certificate locked up so that the Republicans can be exposed as representatives of the "birther" nutjobs, and all the with-it young people will vote Democrat as a result.
B.) Asking for the birth certificate is racist because they are only asking to see it because Obama is not a white male.

I am not going to make "Show the Birth Certificate" my mantra and the issue that I will go to the mattresses for, starting today. However, I'm not going to join the "sensible" conservatives who blast these yokels and wish they would disappear. As far as I know, I have my birth certificate on a shelf in my baby book at my mom's house, and I even have a key to my mom's house and I could show it to anyone who demanded to see it; which I may do if I become president and everyone thinks I was born in Ireland. I don't need the State of Illinois to hold a press conference about how they have it safe and sound, locked in a vault "Just trust us"!

Questions about Obama's original whereabouts can be seen as understandable. If there is another black president, don't expect birth certificate questions just because of race. If that president's parents were both natural born citizens, and that president didn't go to grade school all the way in Indonesia, I'm sure it won't come up, even if he isn't white.

Why do we require the president to be a natural born citizen anyway? Could it be that the founding fathers would have preferred a president that spent his childhood in the U.S., brainwashed in love of country and an engrained knowledge of judeo/christian and american values? Maybe we should have a requirement of time spent in the U.S. (particularly the impressionable age of childhood), in addition to being born in the U.S.

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