Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Slow Tuesday

Since the Sotomayor nomination and the healthcare bill are in time out; I feel little drive to write anything today. Actually, I haven't really cared much about the Sotomayor nomination since she won't be changing the makeup of the court much, but like many people, I'm holding my breath on the healthcare bill since there is so much permanence to it if it were to pass. Supreme Court Justices come and go, and occasionally the most ridiculous rulings are overruled.

The American Thinker blog has had some good finds in the healthcare bill and they are listed below. In order to verify their conclusions, I'll need to sit down with a pen and match up all the sections and paragraphs that are referenced in whirlwind fashion, which makes reading the bill a total scavenger hunt. Who writes these bills anyway? It would be good if we could vote for them too, since they seem to be the only ones who get a chance to read bills before they are voted on.

The political gamesmanship regarding the healthcare bill will soon be in full bloom. The Congress's August Recess begins on August 7th, and Obama wants a bill on his desk by then. Seventeen days is a long time and plenty of time for Obama to go on the stump and stamp his feet and possibly get his way since he has been so spoiled by his bad parents in Congress. Nancy and Harry want to shower him with gifts, and his aunts and uncles in the Republican Party don't want him to get upset and tell all his voter friends how mean they are, so anything could happen.

Meanwhile, if you're like me you'd like it if the officeholders would chill out and let us just go about our business as fellow countrymen. Maybe, we could actually turn the economy around and change the healthcare market forces from just our own activities of what we will buy or won't buy. It would also be good if elected leaders would think for a minute or two about national security again; it still matters.

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