Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Coulter on Gates

Ann Coulter's weekly column weighs in on the H.L. Gates event. A couple of good observations and points from the column:

The left's last-ditch attempt to defend a powerful black man's attack on a
powerless white man is to say the arrest was improper. In Time magazine,
Lawrence O'Donnell factually announced, "Yelling does not meet the definition of
disorderly conduct in Massachusetts."

It's not just the left that has been debating the legitimacy of the arrest. The hand-wringing perfectionist right has been too.

Suppose a cop didn't arrest a guy who was ranting and raving -- in his own home
-- and, an hour later, the hothead assaults someone. Policeman: I was as
surprised as anyone that he shot his girlfriend! Every liberal in the country
would demand the cop's head. And by the way, try screaming at a judge that he's
a racist and see what happens. Why should police officers deserve less
protection than judges? They're in more danger.

Good point about the possible "dereliction of duty" charges that might have followed Crowley had he not arrested Gates. Due to unbridled law practices, we are a hypercharged society of accountability, constantly doing more than what makes sense to meet the ever growing need to CYA. Think of all the money that is spent just to prove and document when right is done. Trust and forgiveness rank low. Also, the last point speaks to our worship of the judiciary. Respect for judges is an important pillar of civilization. However, this culture which increasingly distrusts cops hasn't yet caught up to the stealth misdeeds of judges that likely are as prevalent as crooked police actions.

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