Monday, August 3, 2009

It's the Liberty Stupid

As I wrote a few weeks back, the message on health care should not be all about the money. A bill of bad ideas and assaults on liberty should not be accepted whether it cost $1 trillion or $1.

If you had a teenager who wanted a tattoo and asked you for the money to get one, you could say, "no that is too expensive", when your main concern isn't the $100 cost, but that your child will be making a lasting decision and may be harmed by the procedure. So, the kid gets a job and saves the money to pay for one himself. Now what? Is all concern out the window since your wallet won't be tapped?

Mark Steyn, one of my favorite writers, picks up on this reasoning in his latest article. He also mentions that the war over Hillarycare was won only fiscally, and that the battle on the government's grasping at freedom by taking full control of healthcare had not been waged. Therefore, the attempts at government control of health care are back again and will continue until Americans see this war as an issue of freedom and not solely economic.
Mark Steyn

Also, Jed Babbin provides suggestions on what to ask during these August townhalls.
Jed Babbin

I've heard some of the audio clips of townhall meetings filled with concerned, angry, and informed citizens. What it tells me is that these Congress mainstays have had it too easy for too long. They have operated and lived off of political connections, special interest groups and bundled campaign donations. Even in this information age, the one with the most money to buy soundbite heavy commercials, still ends up the victor. McCain/ Feingold may have tried to take the money out of politics, but the big money givers have found the loop holes leaving only the small honest donors under control.

Politicians have shown great concern for those flavors of the election cycle, such as soccer moms, the hispanic vote, the youth vote, senior citizens, and evangelicals; and have received big dollars from environmentalists, gay rights advocates, unions, and a plethora of other lobbying groups. Well, now the rest of us are here to say, "here comes the individual, baby". We don't fit into a neat little control group, comforted with mere incomplete sentences, talking points, or a living and breathing constitution. Questions will be asked and explanations will be required. Either earn your keep, or find a new job. Once the mainstream media earns the mis-trust they are so warranted and their laughable double standards and partiality to Democrats becomes apparent to more Americans, perhaps voters will take advantage of all the data and information available to them and take a little time to come to an educated conclusion on who they should vote in. When that time comes, the big dollars ain't gonna get 'em thru the chamber door anymore.

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