Thursday, July 23, 2009

Obama's Hometown News Girl Plants Seed for Backlash

Lynn Sweet, the original press member of the Obama Fan Club was the last to be called on at last night's Obama press conference on his healthcare plan. Apparently, everyone who went before Sweet must have stolen her question, because when it was her turn all she could come up with was to ask him what he thought about an African-American Harvard professor getting arrested and what that says about race relations. Perhaps, she really didn't know too much about healthcare to form a question, but she might want to at least make a habit of reading cliff's notes on the topic at hand, at least for prime time press conferences.

Lynn really showed her journalistic talents in the middle of a Q & A about remaking the way we go to the Doctor's office, the age old question of taking the red pill or the blue pill, and the importance of keeping tonsils in tact. It's good to know that the Sun-Times has a reporter on staff with such a keen sense of urgent matters. Just about as good as Obama's sense of meddling. Given the U.S. relationship with Iran, he said we wouldn't want to meddle and interfere in their baton olympics, but Cambridge is his territory, and if he has to take time out to chastise the local police he will.

Yep, Lynn and Obama are like two peas in a pod. She's a Harvard girl too, and after last night I'd say she has a real quick hand at opening a can of worms. The funny thing is that the result of her question is the last thing she would have ever wanted to have happen. Sometimes, when you can't think of a good question, maybe you should keep quiet, and leave the softball back at the office. I bet Lynn was just trying to help O with his bomb of a prime time special, but she's just not that good. Oh, subjective journalism gets so hard after a while, eh Lynn.

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