Friday, July 24, 2009

Let the Rogue Congressional Actions Begin

Now that more and more people are saying, NO, to a freedom crushing, money pit of a health care bill, Henry Waxman (D) California, is threatening to force a house floor vote on the bill and bypass the Energy and Commerce Committee, which is at a standstill on moving forward with the bill in its present form. Salesman Obama failed in his pitch the other night, so the one thing left to do is forego the niceities and process and just force it through.

Obama and the Democrats are now at war with anyone who objects to their attempt to takeover healthcare. Republicans and citizens need to fight back against the strong arm of an upset political party and its angry weak leader whose true colors are being shown as clear as day with each passing moment. Real America is on display again. The flag waving, hard working and self-sufficient Americans who might live by the motto of Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death may be starting to show the rest of us, why this country was founded in the first place. It sure wasn't founded so that we could get to the point where the government keeps tabs on every medical device used, forces its citizens to purchase healthcare insurance, forces senior citizens to meet with a govt. appointed end of life counselor, and darn near bans God from watching over the land that he shed his grace upon. This bill shows that the goal of current government leaders and its employees is to micro manage the lives of those who they are supposed to serve the interests of. The old saying, "at least you have your health" won't mean the same thing when your health is determined not only by the grace of God, choices you make, and the good deeds done by your doctor. The U.S. Govt. will have a final say in that doctor and choices part, if this bill were to pass.

Give Glory to God that no government on earth can ever usurp his will.

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