Thursday, August 20, 2009

Future Lifesaving Slaves

A good editorial by Hunter Baker.

With the government trying to control the practices and compensation of doctors, we may soon end up with a small number of Mother Teresas, a modest number of bitter poor performing doctors, and a large number of talented physicians and surgeons who say, "the hell with em", and leave the field all together. These ridiculous elected officials in both parties have done little to defend the very people who make healthcare possible. If I was an M.D., I would refuse to be a lifesaving slave to this pathetic bunch of couch potatoes, who have done so little to educate themselves, that they've elected socialism; the ruin of most all good things that this nation has ever had.

At some point, I think public school teachers should also say, "discipline your damn kids, or don't blame us for his/her failure". We would be better off if more kids would just shut the hell up for 4 hours a day and listen to the teacher. Instead, we feel bad for them because they are expected to sit still and listen. Well, most of a kids day doesn't require them to sit still and listen, but many do it voluntarily in front of the TV. So put away the kleenex.

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