Friday, August 21, 2009

What If We Blow This? and Lamenting Labor Unions

A more than appropriate question from Andrew McCarthy at National Review. While most of the National Review crowd try to continue on their merry moderate way, the stand outs who really keep a firm and level headed keel are Andrew McCarthy, Victor Davis Hanson, and the humorous but sober Mark Steyn. McCarthy rebutted the NRO editorial from earlier in the week, which I commented on previously, and Steyn wasn't far behind to add his boy wonder two cents to McCarthy's Batman like calculations.

At the end of the McCarthy's column he writes,
Obama, of course, wanted health-care “reform” done — all 1,000-plus pages
of it — before the summer recess. In essence, Democrats want to repeal
individual liberty; move one-sixth of the private sector into the same
government-controlled model that has produced bankruptcy in Social Security,
Medicare, and Medicaid; add additional trillions to the already exploded
national debt; and they want to do it all right now — no discovery, no
settlement negotiations, no five-week trial, no delays.

Given this Democratic whirlwind, I don’t see why we owe them better than “death panels.” They are what we’re sure to get if Obamacare isn’t killed first.

And I think this is where we are now. It is time to scrap H.R. 3200. It was an overdone high octane bill surely written by life long bureaucrats with God knows what motivations. I'd like a list of everyone who was involved in writing it, so that I can charter a bus "AIG Style" and lead the ever angry mobs to demand these bad neighbors resign their posts and get out of town. Another question I have is why the SEIU states that if the "public option" isn't included in a bill, that the Democrat majority will cease. Why is the SEIU so hell bent on the passage of this legislation? Why doesn't the SEIU suck it up, and put together its own health insurance program for its members, and leave the rest of the hard working self-reliant country alone? (BTW, Isn't it sweet that Andy Stern, the SEIU Pres., thinks maybe super RINO Olympia Snowe might help pass the bill?)

This leads me to my last thought for the week. At what point is it realized by the majority of Americans that labor unions have outlived their original purpose, and when is Obama planning to "re-make" them? Unions have become a refuge for the lazy, stagnant, and uneducated who have won life's lottery of being born into a union family. In Chicago, a damn thing can't get done without caving to the extraordinary costs of union labor, yet it's healthcare costs we are supposed to cry over (union workers have infiltrated health care as well, by the way). Unions have likely caused churches to close their doors as well as other non-profits who needed their buildings repaired, but could in no way be allowed to do it without paying top dollar. They have likely caused our new architecture to look as sterile as an operating room. Show me a building with any ornate features that was built after the time of the stranglehold of the unions. If Obama really wants to re-make America, he will rid us of this tyrannical element that defines the word "workforce", for they force us to hire them to work. Unions are made up of adults who behaved like punks in high school, because they knew daddy had a leg up for them in the trade school after graduation. Where they went on to make $30+/ hour by the age of 25, to watch along with about 5 others, one guy open a manhole cover. These selfish wretched leaches; send them to the communist nations they so desire for us to become.

On the other hand, unions are also made up of the most liberal, fantasy world contingency of them all; the educator. So mired in the exhausting educational system, which truly doesn't pay what these glorified cattle herders derserve; these apple shirt wearing loafers are constantly under the whip of insane school CEO's or big city superintendents who always expect them to raise the test scores of a classroom of hoodlums whose parents instill in them only the morals of the latest R rated movie. TIME and Newsweek are quick to cover the latest 20 hour per day working school superintendent such as the wonder woman in Washington D.C., who arrogantly believe that even if the kids live in a neighborhood filled with drug dealer jobs and negligent parents, somehow the 25 hours/ week that they spend in school is going to prepare all for the Ivy League as long as you whip the teachers enough. Don't forget to cue the action shot of the superintendent and the kid pretending to read. Maybe the teacher's need unions after all. Although if I were a teacher, I'd trade the union for the right to speak religion to the kids. No, not the religion called the labor union.

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