Thursday, October 22, 2009

Newt's Been Catholic 10 Minutes- Endorses Pro-Choice Republican

Do we really need more Catholics who keep quiet and go against the teachings of the faith? Well, we just got another one this year in former Speaker of the House- Newt Gingrich. Usually, the Catholic politicians who leave their faith back at the church door have been baptized since infancy and are Catholic only as a part of some ethnic heritage, although Catholicism knows no ethnicity. However, good old Newt converted in 2009 and is already backing a pro-choice Republican for NY-23 Congressional District. This isn't just any pro-choice Republican either, it is Dede Scozzafava, who probably has less to offer folks like pro-lifer Doug Kmiec than Obama.

It is nothing new for members of the "Baby Boomer" generation of which Newt and Doug appear to be a members of, to have discovered a need to throw away the Catholic faith as taught to them and try to re-invent it. Newt just came aboard and already is putting politics above faith. But who knows what his RCIA notes may say. Given the infiltration of liberal theology in Parishes throughout the U.S., the social justice teachings Newt learned may have been exclusively geared toward softening him up on his beliefs about capital punishment while avoiding the topic of abortion all together. It's a subject many Catholics choose to ignore.

The children of these boomers either have their parents heresies engrained in them, or were so blessed to pay them no heed and learned the faith on their own, or grew up with parents who turned away from the detrimental 1960's and the mis-understood yet great catalyst for changes by the diabolical influences in the church; Vatican II. The children of the boomers laugh at grandma reminding them to get to mass on Sunday, as I once did. The hope is that the great majority of diobolical influences in the church are buried along with the boomers who were left so open to such influence.

One would have hoped that a politician such as Newt, converting so late in life, would have gotten off to a better start. Time is needed for improvement. Newt is full of politics, leaving little room for the Holy Spirit. Mr. Gingrich, will you trade politics for principle?

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