Monday, December 7, 2009

Led by the Godless UPDATE: Usurped by the Kennedys

Today, we are truly under the whim of godless government employees and politicians. The current attempts to takeover health care and regulate carbon dioxide emissions are two huge symptoms of the world's greatest disease: Godlessness. No matter what a politician or government employee may tell you about their religious faith, it is clear that the majority believe there is no God, once you look past their act of enduring God, while putting up their patronizing facade at so many Protestant Churches throughout America. Prostestantism seems to be the world's stage for corrupt politicians to spread their lies with a false cover of religion. Being that the Eucharist is nowhere in sight, they can do this fearlessly. You do not see a politician give a speech during a Catholic Mass, do you? If these government leaders were truly people who followed God, events would be nowhere near where they are.

If you are godless you may believe that only you and cooperative others can save mankind and future generations. (The Global Warming hoax wouldn't exist without such godless figures and fellow believers of man made global warming.) Only if you believe there is no God who created you, can you believe that the fires you light for warmth and the breath you exhale could harm the world that God created. You may only believe that your origins were begotten from exploding gasses and stars or simply a tadpole, and now your mere existence is turning your habitat to ruin. Being godless you would believe your fellow Godless neighbors could only produce and invent things that ultimately prove to be evil. Somehow even though you are godless, you do believe evil exists, but only in humans who don't agree with you; you being the God you've appointed yourself to be; since there really is no higher being, or so you believe. So, since you were elected to a position in government, or appointed by one who is elected, or hired by the appointed, your the tops; it's up to you. However, unfortunately for you and the rest of us, you are very limited in your ability, but you might be able to write and enforce laws to enslave the rest of us to make up for your shortcomings.

There are only so many doctors out there, and there is only so much room on the computer screen for commas and decimal points which notate fictional dollar amounts, so now you feel it is time to take control over it; afterall who else could do such a thing. You were elected to a high office, or appointed by the elected person, or hired by the apointee, so you're it. You're the one. The length of your arm is as long as any arm. Unfortunately for you and for the rest of us, you really don't know too much about how healthcare in the U.S. came to advance as it has, but you think everyone should have the same chance at acquiring it, so whoever the doctors, insurers, researchers, etc. are, you want them to change to your liking and be compensated to the amount that you think is fair. Whatever their shortcomings are, and become after you force them to change, you will make up for by collecting many more taxes and forcing others to buy the insurance product that you don't know how to produce. Your the tops, and you think people in this country spend too much on health care and it embarrases you because in other countries people don't spend so much on health care and because they do so in your country, you get all embarrassed around all the other "tops".

The other thing about healthcare is that you can't perform miracles, and there is no being in the universe that can, so once someone reaches what you deem to be an irreversible condition, you're done paying for them, that's it, their time to bask in your glory is over.

And one more thing. Since their is no God, in your mind, the average man or woman on the street is severely limited, and also corrupt and evil. They can be no way influenced by some sort of wonderful counselor, and they were never elected to any position, or appointed by someone elected, or hired by someone appointed, so they could never produce anything worthwhile for other humans or even themselves, so it is up to you to provide for them. The way to do this is to take away from those few less than human, producers who have scourged the earth and stole everything. You never told them they could do anything for themselves, or donate time and money to anyone, so who do they think they are; hand it over you wasteful theives. Who better than you to decide who to help? After all, you are the tops, and you are known by your fruits.

UPDATE: Politicians often receive an open forum from Protestant churches as mentioned above, but being that they are unable to grab the microphone at Catholic Mass, Cafeteria Catholic Politicians write OP-Eds to criticize bishops on Magesterial Church Teachings. Who better to continue to do this, then members of the Kennedy family. Oh, if only Lee Harvey Oswald hadn't pulled the trigger, the Kennedy fascinations could have run their natural course and ended 30 years ago. Instead, today we all continue to suffer from America's greatest farcical family legacy.

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