Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Minority Party is Supposed to be "The Party of No".

Americans chose Democrats to lead the nation. Whether they meant to or not, they forgot to elect enough Republicans to get any legislation written by Republicans passed. As they say, "Elections have consequences". The ONLY purpose the Republicans can now serve is to COMMUNICATE what is wrong with Democrat proposals, and explain what they would do differently, if there were enough of them in office. After that, all they can do is say NO, and use parliamentary tactics and whatever means the Founding Fathers put into place to slow down tyranny. They need to do this to buy time until the next election when more Republicans can be elected to do whatever it is voters elect them to do.

I'm not paid to think this or write this, but someone is making big Republican money to not think this or write this. My predication: If Obamacare passes, Republicans go the way of the Whigs. Bye bye country club members; inherited wealth, nepotism, name recognition, and the fact that you were a POW 35 years ago, ain't gonna cut it anymore. You will prove how useless and unthinking you really are, and that you were the great enablers of the death of our freedoms.

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