Friday, July 24, 2009

In Response to Mediocrity

Another GOP genious (you can tell there are a lot in Illinois, right?), writes that conservatives in Illinois should take another arrow and let Mark Kirk just happen. I can't go for that, no matter what half-brained strategy this guy might suggest. My comment contribution to his web post is below.

The Dems will spend plenty of money to try and keep the seat. I say give Kirk a primary battle. I didn't even realize he was against the surge Iraq let alone being pro-abort and pro-cap and trade. How can he even call himself an (R)? I'd just assume let the Dems keep the seat. You can call me crazy, but other than the likely corruption that a Democrat will bring, I've no reason to vote for Kirk in the general. Policy wise, Kirk belongs in the Dem club. Besides, as the clever GOP braintrust would tell you; both parties are equally corrupt. Since when did we decide to elect a Republican fraud just so we can say there are more Republicans in the basket than Democrats? What a joke. Don't forget, in 2006 there were 55 Republican Senators and now there are 40. How did that happen? Because the Democrats ran Conservative Democrats. The conservative movement in Illinois will not grow stronger by having Kirk as the head of the GOP Party.

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