Friday, July 24, 2009

Illinois Republican Senate Candidate Votes for Planned Parentedhood (Again)

And so Mark Kirk (R) Illinois, does it again, just after announcing his run for U.S. Senate in Illinois. An ammendment to defund Planned Parenthood offered by Mike Pence (R) Indiana was voted down today, 247-183. Nine Republicans, including Kirk, voted with the Democrats to kill an attempt to de-fund Planned Parenthood. And this guy wants to be our Republican nominee for Senate? So, in less than a decade, the Illinois Republican Party goes from one of the most serious pro-life advocates, Alan Keyes, to ever more serious pro-choicer Mark Kirk as its U.S. Senate nominee. Hope the Illinois Republican Party or National Republican Senatorial Commitee doesn't start throwing around endorsements too soon.

1 comment:

  1. The NRSC already endorsed him. No surprise; Charlie Crist has their endorsement, too, and I'm willing to bet Rob Simmons will get it if he hasn't already.

    For my end, I just want Peter Fitzgerald back! Best Senator this state has ever had, and easily one of the best senators this country has had in at least the past decade. Too bad he moved to Virginia since the IL GOP Country club Republicans hated his anti-corruption ways (as did the Dems, obviously).

    As for the Pence Amendment, my pro-life Dem congressman was one of the 20 Dems to support it, furthur solidifying his chances of me voting for him again in 2010. DAN LIPINSKI FOR SENATE! :)