Friday, July 24, 2009

Lindsey Graham for President! (Of Mexico)

The Republican who must have a dream of personally receiving 100% of the Hispanic vote, Lindsey Graham, strikes again. It is this man's mocking tone that really adds to the dislike of this guy. This time he says to those who disagree with his decision to vote YES on Sotomayor's nomination; "Enjoy life in the minority". He should know, since he takes the minority position within the Republican Party about everytime. He may be the only Republican in the Senate Judiciary Committee to vote YES and send her nomination to the Senate Floor. He was one of the few Republicans who championed amnesty for illegal aliens. He was 1 of 7 out of 55 Republican Senators to join the Gang of 14, and keep many of President Bush's judicial nominees from even getting an up or down vote on their nominations. He even put a hold on one of Bush's nominations making it impossible to carry out the advise and consent responsibility of the Senate.

But, when Obama becomes president, he suddenly adopts the philosophy that what the president wants, the president should get. Republicans in South Carolina, WAKE UP! The next time this fraud of a Republican faces a primary is 2014, find someone, anyone, and get this man out of office. If not, one day, he will likely be the chair of the Senate Judiciary committee and more and more liberal jurists will be guided by him to seats on the court, while constitutionalists will face his frivilous blockades.

His concern that Republicans are hemorraging Hispanic support by merely existing is laughable. He is as many conservative voices say, unreliable and unthinking. Hey Lindsey, how many Republican YES votes for Sotomayor will get us in the majority? Please tell us, save us from our loud mouthed bigoted selves. And if we fail you again, go run for President of Mexico, so you can put your talented racial game of appeasing and pandering to Hispanics to good use. Maybe you could even help make Mexico a better country for her people.

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