Monday, August 24, 2009

And There It Is!

I saw this coming a month ago. Swine Flu mania is on the way. It's in big red letters on Drudge right now, but who knows how long it will stay there. We can all feel safe though that the President’s Council of Advisers on Science and Technology is on the case, and has given the Obama administration high marks for preparedness to boot. Hurry up and get your shots, Obama has got 'em in mass production. The economy may become stimulated after all. The president's council says 90,000 americans could die from it. What about the 45 million without health insurance; they'll all die, right?

I won't be surprised if Obama comes home from vacation refreshed and with the brand new talking point that Obamacare must be passed to combat Swine Flu. And, I won't be surprised if the RINOs once again go along and take the bait. I better keep up with the excercising. Personally avoiding the need for Obamacare has become my life long goal now. My wish is to live until 90 and die in my sleep, but if need be, I'll spend my last days lying on a mat of some sort, reading Psalms and waiting for the clock to run out. I'll do my best before then to give as much comfort and care as I possibly can to my loved ones, friends, and neighbors in their time of need.

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