Monday, August 24, 2009

Who Wrote H.R. 3200?

Now that the Attorney General is going to probe the pre-Obama CIA interrogators, I am reminded of all the attorneys who were outted for authoring the "torture memos" for President Bush. It is possible that these attorneys will face prosecution for forming legal opinions, many of which were never acted on.

In the spirit of burning legal advisors at the stake, I'd like to know the names of everyone who participated in drafting House Bill 3200. Tell us who they are, so that any inhumane portions of the bill can also be grounds for prosecution. Prosecute those who made coding errors at the VA, resulting in 1,200 veterans going through months with fresh copies of the "VA Death Book" believing they had ALS (Lou Gerhig's Disease). I'm sure the coders were only trying to do good when they made clerical errors, not at all unlike the good intentions of the "torture memo" authors and authors of H.R. 3200. I'm sure there are plenty of other authors who Eric Holder doesn't like; the list could go on and on. Make sure little Barak and Eric get what they want; they deserve so much more opportunity to remake America: GM, check; Banks, check; Healthcare, working on it; CIA, check; worldwide apologies, check; Closing GITMO; check; begin to lose Afghanistan, check; begin to lose Iraq, check; nuclear Iran, almost; negotiation with Kim Jong Il, check; salary caps, check.

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