Thursday, August 27, 2009

McCain (W)

Inspiration from a death was once left to the Christ; he who died for our sins. But today, we have 24 news media, who will interview one public figure after another to express how the death of Ted Kennedy can inspire both parties, Republican and Democrat, to come together and pass a health care bill. I thought to myself, "since when are we to be inspired by a death?" When it serves a political purpose in America, of course.

There is no politician more committed to the irrelevant than John McCain. He is not an (R) or a (D), he is only a (W), from the Party of Wrong. This man seems to buy into every left-wing idea and give it credence with his high level of respect gained from when he was shot down in a plane and kept as a POW; not from any actual act as a Senator. You may think that other than he and his family's grief from the years of captivity, this would not matter much in the vast configuration of things, but just like in the case of Ted Kennedy's death, you'd be wrong. For we live in a society which debates vigorously the merit of completely opposite views, even on the definition life and death, and waits for the irrelevant emotional moment to break the tie.

Whether it was Barack Obama's race breaking the deadlock between he and Hillary, or John McCain's former POW status as the horse he rode in on to capture the Republican nomination, there is always the irrelevant emotional story which holds the nation hostage at its arrival. How fitting for Ted Kennedy to die in the middle of a stagnant healthcare debate, to provide once again, the emotional moment we Americans need to submit and give away our freedoms. What Kennedy's life story has to do with H.R. 3200, I have no idea. He received health care from the Congress Cadillac plan, and likely received whatever medical care he wished. He didn't go to Canada or Great Britain to experience their taxed system.

But, lurking once again after months of silence is the great Democrat Party enabler, the opportunist, self-acclaimed Reagan footsoldier, Mr. Soundbite, the loser, the man who gives away the store time and time again; McCain (W). The man from the Party of Wrong, will prove once again to be the Democrat Party's knight in shining armor, to rescue the wretched usurpers of freedom once again. And once again, he will endure a little bit of whining from the conservative media, after yet another McCain "compromise", but they'll shrug and shut up soon after H.R. 3200 becomes inevitable, as they did leading up to McCain's 2008 nomination. The reliable dust bunnies in Arizona will re-elect him again and he'll remain in office until he gets sick and dies, to provide yet another irrelevant emotional reason for Americans to hold the gun to their heads once more.

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