Monday, August 31, 2009

Chief RINO is Back

John McCain (W) seemed awful quiet over the summer, but now that the weather is cooling down over much of the country, the old man is back to add some more "Wrong" to the nation. The ever so principled McCain, took a trip to Illinois to endorse the pro-abortion, pro-planned parenthood Mark Kirk (R), for U.S. Senate. This is the same Mark Kirk who was against the Iraq War surge the John McCain championed. If Kirk had won the day, Iraq would have been lost. This is the same John McCain who twisted words during the 2008 Republican Primary and said that Mitt Romney was against the surge in Iraq, but now he endorses a guy who actually was. With guys like Kirk and McCain around, you often have to remind yourself that "this is the same guy who....". Just as Obama has shown the ability to hypnotize Americans to favor him, John McCain has done the same with the rank and file Republican voters and donors, and "conservative" media. Everyone seems to forget the political fraud that comes out of McCain time and time again.

Mark my words, McCain will continue to be the death knell of the party, and Democrats will own the nation for generations, unless a 3rd party arises or those in charge of the Republican Party wake up and throw the liberal Republicans like Kirk, and the just plain ignorant like McCain, overboard. The (R) after the name isn't going to fool enough people to win an election. The Republican Party is still badly in need of moving to the right, or we will continue to see the loss of Republican seats. If H.R. 3200 gets passed with Republican assistance, a 70-30 Democrat Majority in the Senate is on the way.

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