Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Swine Flu Bill

World Net Daily provides information on pending legislation in Massachusetts which will restrict liberty if indeed the Swine Flu rears its ugly head. There are other states heading in this direction as well. Are the quarantines really going to be necessary and how will they be carried out? Looks like the police will have authority to enter homes without a warrant and detain those sniffling and vomiting. Also, the road to forced vacinations is being paved by our thoughtful state legislators. I don't believe the current Swine Flu that is going around has shown any long term effects after recovery such as the effects of Polio, but the hysteria coming straight from the government is as on cue as ever.

Maybe the wiretapping that was so denounced during the Bush administration could be used to listen in on citizens describing their symptoms over the phone to Dr. Mom. Obama and Co. are just beginning to realize how much power wielding can be done from up there in the White House. Bush needed 2 towers to collapse and 3,000 people to die within hours to get a portion of the power Obama's Bureaucrats may seek to take when the common cold comes a callin' come winter. Quarantine's are already being practiced the first week of September in those liberal bastions; universities. Classes may be cancelled soon. Just cancel the whole school year, learn online, etc.

Isn't it so pleasant remaking America?

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