Thursday, August 27, 2009

Where's Ted?

This piece by Jeffrey Lord presents Ted Kennedy in a light that perhaps the lion wasn't all bad. I can see a wee bit of the traits of an Irish heritage; a glimmer of the common man, as much as a glimmer that can be seen in a resident of "Camelot".

However, at the end of the piece, Lord, states that, "Right about now, Ronald Reagan is welcoming Ted Kennedy home. And after the pleasantries, I have no doubt Reagan is saying, "Teddy, about that health care reform, well…"

I know we humans should not judge and assume that someone is burning in Hell. But on the other hand, is it any better in the eyes of God to assume that someone who has publicly supported abortion and has committed God knows how many sinful acts, to be assumed to be residing in Heaven? And for that matter, in 2 days? Perhaps Lord stood bedside and witnessed a perfect Act of Contrition a few days ago, but short of that, at least us Catholic brethren (of which Teddy is a member) believe there is rarely an express ticket to the pearly gates. Yet so many of us recite the likely false yet comforting line that, "he/she is in Heaven now". God's mercy is infinite, but since when has it become understood, that it is extended instantly to most all?

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