Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Firsts

So far, it doesn't look like things are going too well for the "first woman Speaker of the House", and "first black President". If one wants to hype these two firsts and claim that our nation has achieved some sort of permanent moral absolution for their ascendency, may I point out that it appears these two have lost control?

The President has lost control due to his executive decisions. I read a relative's Facebook posting today which began, "Obama is a nice guy, but...". Nice guy? Perhaps to those who determine niceness by a good handshake and a smile, but look at the deeds to see how nice one really is. Is it nice to turn a blind eye to slain protesters in Iran? Is it nice to revoke the visas of Honduras government officials who were only acting in defense of the constitution of their democratic nation? The President is not so nice, and I won't get into the domestic front where gauging good intentions becomes difficult.

Pelosi on the other hand has lost control emotionally. Today, she claims fright of the right, and believes assassinations and political turmoil is about to ensue. You declared war on the CIA and average Americans months ago Nancy. Is crying in front of the camera the new form of engagement? History didn't teach you that declaring war requires action? Declaring war is not the same as winning a war. It is not like claiming the front seat of a car by being the first to yell, "Shotgun".

So there you have it. We've got our first woman speaker and our first black president. Race and gender never meant anything to me, but it sure did to many of their supporters. And now we can all plainly see that race and gender are not relevant to success, temperment and leadership. Sonia Sotomayor would tell us otherwise; maybe she'll one day rule otherwise.

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