Thursday, October 1, 2009

Happy October

Well, since the country is now wrapped up in whether or not Chicago will host an Olympics in 2016, I guess we can forget about everything else that might be serious. Obama is in Denmark, for the cause of Chicago Olympics 2016, so there must not be anything else to worry about.

Congress might pass the health care bill next week, complete with tax payer funded abortion and mandated health insurance complete with IRS supervision. However, the always hoodwinked Republicans and their dwindling base still thinks they already won the health care battle back on September 12, because they think 2 million showed up in Washington D.C. on a Saturday. Only Rush and the Heritage Foundation are making noise about the possibility of health care legislation being passed by a ridiculous parliamentary procedure. I'll be surprised if it really does happen, but the whispering is already happening and since so many of us have spent the last 3 months complaining about pending legislation, shouldn't we remain vigilant during these significant hours of a possible congressional heist? I know Krauthammer said that the "public option" is dead, but he's been wrong before.

Iran seems to moving full speed ahead with creating a nuclear bomb and the U.S. Military Commanders say they could use some more troops in Afghanistan, but Obama needs to make sure Chicago gets the 2016 Olympics first. I remember in 2004 when Democrat politicians were saying we needed more troops in Iraq, and Bush kept saying that as soon as the Generals asked for them they would receive them. Now the Generals are asking for additional troops for the "good war" and the new president needs to wait and see. I don't know what he is looking for.

So, at this point, I say, to heck with it all. Maybe things will become less like the Twilight Zone long enough for me to get my thoughts together and write another good post, but for now, I'm only good for about 4 Rosarys a day, daily mass, and some focus at work. I have no idea what might happen next week, month, or year, in my life, or on this earth.

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