Friday, September 4, 2009

I Think I Must Be the Only One Afraid of RINOs

Maybe it won't matter in the long run. Maybe Olympia Snowe and friends won't pull together a health care compromise, once again becoming the most powerful Senators by means of bucking the rest of the party; but this story has been heralded atop my Yahoo e-mail page for the past 2 hours, and the "conservative" blogosphere is still busy gathering Van Jones quotes.

I don't know how many more "Gang of 14" groups the conservative media are going to remain asleep at the switch for, but I am getting tired of being a guy who has a full time job in something that has nothing to do with world events, yet professional bloggers at NRO and other places take hours to catch these things. In 3 weeks, we could see this newly minted "Bi-partisan 6" sitting around a table with Obama fresh off his congressional address, putting the nation on the fast train to the public option, and these "professionals" will be late to the party once again.

One of the main reasons I ever created this blog, is because I was getting so tired of reading the same thing on blog after blog. I even thought of creating a blog which critiques and rates other blogs. We have had the David Frum and Rod Dreher types wringing their hands about paranoid, racist grassroots conservatives and on the other side you have Michelle Malkin who informs me well, but really can't write more than 2 sentences per paragraph. Then you have Hot Air and Powerline, which are pretty much in between The Frum Hand Wring Brigade and Michelle's Border Patrol, but you never know when Powerline or Hot Air will disappoint next, due to their ability to "stick with it" resembling that of George Will's.

One thing I know for sure is that the RINOs are still a lingering problem for those who want to slow down and defeat the left's premises, ideas, and policies, and until we repetitively petition those people in Congress to get it together and fight as well, we ain't going nowhere. Also, it is time to focus on THE INDIVIDUAL seated in the Congress. When we focus on the overall numbers, such as congressional gains in the House and Senate, we count (R)s and (D)s and allow many imposters to sneak in. Mark Kirk (R) in Illinois is a prime example. Republicans in Illinois whined for a few minutes when Kirk threw his hat in the ring for U.S. Senate, but since then, all strategies to keep him from becoming the Republican nominee have been abandoned. This is due to simply settling for the (R) and forming rationalizations so that we can just relax and let it be. One must insist on putting the magnifying glass in front of the individual to see if he/she really does withstand our own scrutiny. If so, vote Yes, in not, vote No. Leave the party affiliation or chances of general election success out of it. Otherwise, you are left with a choice of the lesser of two evils once again, resulting in electing yet another cog in the political machine or a yet another unreliable RINO.

It will be years until I can again enjoy peace in the judgement of the "GOP" electorate, after John McCain entered the GOP primary with 2 dollars in his pocket, and with the help of his MSM base, New Hampshire, Charlie Crist, and the Fox News All-Stars Panel, became the GOP nominee before Mitt Romney had a chance to purchase his second jar of hair gel. The polls showed that McCain had the best numbers against Hillary in the general more than 8 months before election day, and the GOP flock voted in the Maverick, only to see youthful Barack holding the reigns of the Donkey by July. Conservative journalists like Tony Blankley warned against the possibility of a GOP brokered convention, and he and others trumpeted the need to pick the candidate ASAP. McCain had the nomination in the bag by February and commenced waxing his Model-T for 5 months while Hillary and Obama had the news all to themselves. Yep, people get paid to write these words of wisdom and manage these campaigns and we end up where we are today, and even though we are here, it appears that the GOP establishment is ramping up for an encore.

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