Thursday, September 3, 2009

Krauthammer: Good, but Still Just Another Pundit.

Conservatives have held Charles Krauthammer in high esteem for a long time. Charles regularly offers great verbal and written summaries of what has already been done and said in the political world. Sometimes, his conclusions are not what you want to hear, and lately his outlook on what will happen next, has turned out wrong. For instance, when the health care town hall meetings were in their infancy, Krauthammer warned that they would have a negative effect on overall public opinion, and would be detrimental to the efforts of those who were protesting Obamacare. He later admitted that he was wrong. The fact that he made such an admission itself, sets him apart from the many self-righteous "conservative" pundits.

But like many of the most well-known MSM "conservative" pundits, he has a born in disdain for Sarah Palin. In a recent article he said that if we are having a discussion about healthcare, Sarah Palin should leave the room. He said this in reference to her "death panels" remark. Now that the term "death panel" is starting to seem more realistic, I doubt that Krauthammer will one day admit he is wrong about Palin. After all, if you're in the beltway media, disregarding all that is Palin, is required.

The National Review Online Corner, must believe that each oration from Dr. Krauthammer on the Fox News All-Star Panel is worth its own post each day. As such, they posted his stated advice for Obama when he addresses Congress next week. I don't think Axelrod could have thought up a better strategy. So nice of Charles to lend his high intelligence to the Obama propoganda machine:

Krauthammer's Take [NRO Staff]
From last night's Fox News

On Obama’s upcoming health-care address to a joint
session of Congress:
I think this speech has to be dramatic. It has to be a
reset. It has to be a restaging of this debate, because he has lost Act One. It
has got to be an opening curtain on Act Two, and it can't just be a repetition
of his old positions.

I think the way they are headed is to try to
say — have the president do a nod to the discontent and the anxiety that was
generated over the summer.

But then, I think if they are smart and
politically cynical — which I think they are — what they will try to do is say
that the reason the president could not be specific is because while
negotiations were going on with Republicans, specifically the “Gang of Six” in
the Senate, he wanted to not preclude any possible agreements or

But now that the Republicans have walked away — and I
suspect he will attack Senators Grassley and Enzi specifically — and say: Well,
now that the Republicans are going to be entirely obstructionists…now I will be
specific, and now this summer of discontent — in which I had to be either
evasive or ambiguous or at least open — is over. The Republicans have forced my
hand, and now I'm going to say x, y and z.

But he has to say x, y,
and z. He has to make a pronouncement on the public option, and he also has to
make a critical strategic decision. Is this about cutting costs, which will
destroy him in popular opinion, or does he ignore that now and make it all about
expansion of coverage and guaranteeing of coverage?

So there you have it. Take it away Mr. President.

Free pieces of advice from the Conservative side come again and again. The beltway observers seem to withdrawl their conscience from the debate and lend strategy to the political enemies. Krauthammer knows Obama's main goal is for the government to have complete control of healthcare, but even Krauthammer can not resist assisting with new material, as long as it is his material. Whoever picks up on it, doesn't matter. Well, Chuck, I predict your advice may partly be used to the detriment of those who protest Obamacare. Hopefully, as you were, I too will be wrong.

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