Monday, October 5, 2009

Another Catholic Politician- No Friend to the Unborn

On the first Sunday in October, many Catholic politicians in Illinois walked once again up the steps of their parish to receive the eucharist with their soul in a state that they see fit. Another Sunday to rest and spend time with family before another busy day of making a name for themselves with the rest of the world.

Vi Daley, I presume yet another Irish Catholic politician on the Chicago City Council, has sponsored an ordinance to prohibit pro-life sidewalk counseling outside of abortion clinics in Chicago. Mrs. Daley would submit her fellow Catholic brethren to a $500 fine if they were to come within 8 feet of someone entering an abortion clinic. Does not Daley know that sidewalk counseling saves lives? Daley claims that "protests" outside a clinic in her Lincoln Park ward have grown in number of participants and have become "agressive".

At a health care facility in the ward, one which provides women's health
care in addition to reproductive services, the number of protestors has more
than tripled. The local police and nearby residents have reported
increasingly aggressive tactics. The police cannot respond to the
Federal law and have few, if any, alternative options until an otherwise
illegal activity takes place.

In her quote above from her website, Daley refers to "aggressive tactics". Are there any police reports filed regarding these "agressive tactics"? If no, than Daley is clearly trying to make what is a legal activity, illegal. Since Mrs. Daley doesn't like it, she wants to make it a crime. This is what our modern day politicians are fighting for these days. Constitutional rights are being broken down and made into illegal elements. What was once O.K. for nearly 40 years, is now a problem to Daley because, now there are more protestors, and she doesn't like it.

Also, she states that police can currently do nothing. Since when have police been unable to respond to whatever Federal law she is talking about? Does the Sanctuary City status of Chicago, which allows illegal immigration to flourish in the city, also apply to laws regarding assembly? Mrs. Daley is clearly another nanny state politician who money made. It's a shame that she has spent no time seeing for herself the caring sidewalk counseling, rosary praying, and hymn singing. She is another Catholic politician who leaves her faith inside the church doors, receives communion from pushover clergy, and goes about destroying the tenants of the faith each Monday- Saturday.

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