Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Coulter on Gates

Ann Coulter's weekly column weighs in on the H.L. Gates event. A couple of good observations and points from the column:

The left's last-ditch attempt to defend a powerful black man's attack on a
powerless white man is to say the arrest was improper. In Time magazine,
Lawrence O'Donnell factually announced, "Yelling does not meet the definition of
disorderly conduct in Massachusetts."

It's not just the left that has been debating the legitimacy of the arrest. The hand-wringing perfectionist right has been too.

Suppose a cop didn't arrest a guy who was ranting and raving -- in his own home
-- and, an hour later, the hothead assaults someone. Policeman: I was as
surprised as anyone that he shot his girlfriend! Every liberal in the country
would demand the cop's head. And by the way, try screaming at a judge that he's
a racist and see what happens. Why should police officers deserve less
protection than judges? They're in more danger.

Good point about the possible "dereliction of duty" charges that might have followed Crowley had he not arrested Gates. Due to unbridled law practices, we are a hypercharged society of accountability, constantly doing more than what makes sense to meet the ever growing need to CYA. Think of all the money that is spent just to prove and document when right is done. Trust and forgiveness rank low. Also, the last point speaks to our worship of the judiciary. Respect for judges is an important pillar of civilization. However, this culture which increasingly distrusts cops hasn't yet caught up to the stealth misdeeds of judges that likely are as prevalent as crooked police actions.

Trust But Verify- Update 7/29/09 at 12:55 PM

No one should be surprised of the news that the Democrats are getting together this afternoon with a surprise attack with health care bill guns blazing. To find solace in the words of Harry Reid last week that there would be no vote before recess is for a wishful thinking fool. This is the same Harry Reid who said, "this war is lost". What makes anyone think his word or predictions are good for anything? This is the way it goes. Republicans perform CPR on Democrat legislation and governance time and time again. This is what happens when the news manages the story to make it look like health care legislation is dead, while scheming political opportunists in both parties wheel and deal in the wee hours of the night. This is what brings revolt among the public as well, and the 3rd Party is going to be damn well on the way, if this bad faith sneaking by Republican cancers continue. They go into remission now and then, only to return and spread. Collins, Snowe, and there is always a special guest star, be it Specter, McCain, Grassley, Graham, you name it. If this bill sneaks through; Death to the Republican Party!

Update: 7/29/09 at 12:55 PM
Now that my marker has been laid down, to summarize the current developments regarding Obamacare, the Blue Dog Democrats have agreed to pass the bill out of the Energy and Commerce Committee in return for a delay on a vote until next month. That shouldn't provide much comfort. There is still the possibility that the mainstream Dems in the House could push for a floor vote before the recess at the end of the week. With a Congress as untrustworthy, lunatic led, and volatile as this one, anything could happen, deal or no deal. After all, as you can see in the details of the deal, it is all about money anyway for the blue dogs as I see no objection from them regarding the new regulations and government control of healthcare that the bill would dictate.

Regarding the Senate Finance Committee, Mike Enzi (R), says they aren't even close to a deal. Yeah sure, what about that group of 6 who want a bill for the president?

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Honduras Officials Taken Off the Guest List; Ahmadinejad Remains?

The U.S. State Department under Obama is actually keeping government officials out of U.S. by Visa denial. If only the Bush Administration would have tried that with a certain Iranian. I am not sure why State would deny a Visa to officials of the new Honduras Government, but the story mentions that one of the officials is Honduras Supreme Court Justice Tomas Arita, who ordered the arrest of ousted president Manuel Zelaya in late June, 2009. Zelaya is happy with the Visa denial and is urging the U.S. to do more to help restore him to power. Nevermind the fact that he single handedly attempted to force a change to the Honduras constitution to make it possible for him to run for another term of office. Why would a U.S. President side with someone who did something like that? Of course, Obama might not make it to a second term as it is, so it's a mystery why he would side with Zelaya. Then again Zelaya and Hugo Chavez (Socialist, Venezuela) and Fidel Castro (Socialist, Cuba) are on the same team here so...Eureka.

Are Catholics Coming Together Regarding Obamacare?

As the Senate continues its talks, a post from Ryan Ellis at American Spectator shows that more Catholics than usual may be speaking out against abortion, at least in the case of their tax dollars funding it. Of course, the government funds Planned Parenthood, a sort of abortion porthole, and many Catholics probably don't realize a.) Planned Parenthood visits often lead to abortion and b.) Planned Parenthood receives tax funds.

Another helpful resource out today from Lee Cary at American Thinker. Part One/ Part Two/ Part Three/ Part Four/ Part Five/ Part Six/ Part Seven

Birth Certificate or House Resolution Required

The best outcome for the cause of the birth certificate vigilantes may not be that Obama is eventually found not to be a natural born citizen and stripped of his presidency; but I would love to see that a few years after his presidency, it is proven that he is not a natural born U.S. citizen, if nothing else but to see the hand-wringing conservatives shown for the status quo opportunists that they are. I read a lot of political blogs, and while I rely on many for the good information that they provide, there are those which often disappoint and annoy me because they are so hung up on MSM reaction to the embarrasing members of the conservatives family like Sarah Palin followers and "birthers", or as I will call them, birth certificate vigilantes. These are the "smart" conservatives who will tell us repeatedly that as long as a candidate has an (R) after his/her name, we must support them. (see John McCain, Mark Kirk, Arlen Specter, Maine Senators, Lincoln Chafee, etc.) These are the conservatives who tell us, "see, now the U.S. House has passed a resolution stating that Obama is a natural born citizen, therefore it must be true."

The line between Republican and Democrat is becoming more and more blurry. If somehow Obamacare passes before the August recess, it will be because of those Republicans who have been the great enablers for Liberal Democrat policies and the liberal big government direction of D.C. since the Gang of 14. As I write this, news is coming out about Senate compromise on healthcare. Supposedly, there is a group of 6 bi-partisan Senators who are trying to push healthcare reform through. The obligatory compromise is becoming all too routine. The minority in the GOP who have been continually providing cover for the Democrat's destructive policies just can't seem to help themselves. What is it going to take GOP? A minority position of 30 senate seats before the mindless compromise and shady deals stop? Charles Grassley (R, Iowa) has already given the Democrats CPR over the weekend, when saying that a bill will be passed this year. Hey Iowa, how much more ethanol subsidies do you need before voting in a Senator who can represent the full scope of American interests?

If the healthcare bill gets passed in anywhere near the form it is currently in, I think it will be prime time for a 3rd party to become a player in 2010 and 2012. The conservative braintrust can downplay and preach against it all they want, but if that line between Republican and Democrat Representation continues to blur, that 3rd party may become quite an electoral competitor.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Hope and Change

If nothing else comes out of the Gates episode, at least we have learned that despite the fact that Gates was arrested for being defiant and belligerent toward law enforcement, the nation's commenting braintrust has assured us all that it is not illegal to have a temper trantum and yell at cops so one should not be arrested for it. Therefore, the police really did act stupidly. I knew Obama must have been right.

So go ahead everyone, go ballistic! The cops just sit around eating doughnuts all day anyway, they could probably use a good dose of exhuberence. The useless intelligentsia steps up to the plate for America once again. Remember middle American, they know better than you, they are truly educated. What you thought was right and wrong just plain isn't; if only you were privileged enough to study and think about it, you'd know.

Wrongful arrest.

Breitbart on Gates, Obama, Crowley

Andrew Breitbart; couldn't have said it any better myself.

Catholics for Obama Take Heed

Perhaps President Obama can address a question about this story and what it says about religious freedom. Has Lynn Sweet's White House press pass been revoked yet, or is there still time? Below is a link to a piece by Matt Bowman at the American Spectator which explains the status of conscience protection for health care workers. To the surprise of the Obama supporting flock, he ain't done much to lower the demand for abortion, but don't you progressive types worry, choice is alive and well; not so much for the Catholic who wants to abide by the church's teaching, but for they who like an occasional church gathering and ask themselves, "is Obama more catholic than the pope?", if a friend makes a mistake on a Saturday night, the choice remains.

Matt Bowman- Obama's Conscience Claws
more on the story

I'll keep an eye out for any kind of financial or other support for Catherina Cenzon-DeCarlo. Please pray for her and as always, pray for those who do not see the intrinsic evil of abortion, and pray for courage and zeal for those who do.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Coming Beer Photo Op and the Swine Flu: Update- 7/27/09, Update II- 7/27/09 at 1:02 PM

Just when it starts to look like things are starting to turn around for the nation, it appears we will be treated to a beer drinking kumbaya at the White House with the "stupid" cop, some professor I had never heard of, and the U.S. President. I think we're due for another lecture on race, after all we haven't elected an African-American for president in almost a year. I hope more voters are starting to see the folly of white guilt, and that forgiveness saves. If you can't forgive yourself for your politically incorrect, and possibly lynch happy and/or slave owning ancestors, perhaps take a trip to the confessional.

Holding on to a grudge for the sins of the past has given so much to African-Americans hasn't it? Kids shoot up the neighbors on Saturday nights in Chicago, while Ivy League professors throw tantrums at cops. Great numbers of people gather in the same spot for a news segment, make America shed a guilty tear, and then the group leaders get in their nice cars and drive off to the other side of the tracks. Racism and gun related sob stories bring in the dollars for the finger pointers like Jesse, Al, and Henry Louis. Long live the mistakes of others! Make noise, find the cameras, and collect.

For Obama, it's time to have a beer with a white guy and watch your poll numbers go up again. It's just that easy. Meanwhile, if your healthcare bill is in shambles, don't worry, the Swine Flu is making the rounds and will make for a most perfect cause to get that damn thing passed already. You can even take the acknowledgement of morality off the shelf, and tell the world that its morally imperative pass this bill. Oh America, it's true, anyone can succeed here, the American dream is alive and well.

Update: Other perspectives of note on the Obama, Gates, and Crowley trifecta.
Heather MacDonald
Jack Dunphy
Victor Davis Hanson- Obama to the white guilt afflicted: “Vote for me and I will offer you instant exemption from all prior racial guilt — and yet allow you to live your rather secluded lives as usual.” (Bold Italics, mine)

Update II: And a perspective on swine flu from one who may have it. Sounds like a very tough bug. We should be thankful that we live in an age where we have the resources to combat a temporary illness that could have killed many in the early part of the 20th century. And remember, Obamacare isn't the comprehensive solution to the swine flu. There are plenty of less expensive and sweeping avenues that Congress could take if it became necessary for that degree of govt. intervention.

Mark Hemingway- Swine Flu is here, be prepared.

Friday, July 24, 2009

In Response to Mediocrity

Another GOP genious (you can tell there are a lot in Illinois, right?), writes that conservatives in Illinois should take another arrow and let Mark Kirk just happen. I can't go for that, no matter what half-brained strategy this guy might suggest. My comment contribution to his web post is below.

The Dems will spend plenty of money to try and keep the seat. I say give Kirk a primary battle. I didn't even realize he was against the surge Iraq let alone being pro-abort and pro-cap and trade. How can he even call himself an (R)? I'd just assume let the Dems keep the seat. You can call me crazy, but other than the likely corruption that a Democrat will bring, I've no reason to vote for Kirk in the general. Policy wise, Kirk belongs in the Dem club. Besides, as the clever GOP braintrust would tell you; both parties are equally corrupt. Since when did we decide to elect a Republican fraud just so we can say there are more Republicans in the basket than Democrats? What a joke. Don't forget, in 2006 there were 55 Republican Senators and now there are 40. How did that happen? Because the Democrats ran Conservative Democrats. The conservative movement in Illinois will not grow stronger by having Kirk as the head of the GOP Party.

Illinois Republican Senate Candidate Votes for Planned Parentedhood (Again)

And so Mark Kirk (R) Illinois, does it again, just after announcing his run for U.S. Senate in Illinois. An ammendment to defund Planned Parenthood offered by Mike Pence (R) Indiana was voted down today, 247-183. Nine Republicans, including Kirk, voted with the Democrats to kill an attempt to de-fund Planned Parenthood. And this guy wants to be our Republican nominee for Senate? So, in less than a decade, the Illinois Republican Party goes from one of the most serious pro-life advocates, Alan Keyes, to ever more serious pro-choicer Mark Kirk as its U.S. Senate nominee. Hope the Illinois Republican Party or National Republican Senatorial Commitee doesn't start throwing around endorsements too soon.

Lindsey Graham for President! (Of Mexico)

The Republican who must have a dream of personally receiving 100% of the Hispanic vote, Lindsey Graham, strikes again. It is this man's mocking tone that really adds to the dislike of this guy. This time he says to those who disagree with his decision to vote YES on Sotomayor's nomination; "Enjoy life in the minority". He should know, since he takes the minority position within the Republican Party about everytime. He may be the only Republican in the Senate Judiciary Committee to vote YES and send her nomination to the Senate Floor. He was one of the few Republicans who championed amnesty for illegal aliens. He was 1 of 7 out of 55 Republican Senators to join the Gang of 14, and keep many of President Bush's judicial nominees from even getting an up or down vote on their nominations. He even put a hold on one of Bush's nominations making it impossible to carry out the advise and consent responsibility of the Senate.

But, when Obama becomes president, he suddenly adopts the philosophy that what the president wants, the president should get. Republicans in South Carolina, WAKE UP! The next time this fraud of a Republican faces a primary is 2014, find someone, anyone, and get this man out of office. If not, one day, he will likely be the chair of the Senate Judiciary committee and more and more liberal jurists will be guided by him to seats on the court, while constitutionalists will face his frivilous blockades.

His concern that Republicans are hemorraging Hispanic support by merely existing is laughable. He is as many conservative voices say, unreliable and unthinking. Hey Lindsey, how many Republican YES votes for Sotomayor will get us in the majority? Please tell us, save us from our loud mouthed bigoted selves. And if we fail you again, go run for President of Mexico, so you can put your talented racial game of appeasing and pandering to Hispanics to good use. Maybe you could even help make Mexico a better country for her people.

Let the Rogue Congressional Actions Begin

Now that more and more people are saying, NO, to a freedom crushing, money pit of a health care bill, Henry Waxman (D) California, is threatening to force a house floor vote on the bill and bypass the Energy and Commerce Committee, which is at a standstill on moving forward with the bill in its present form. Salesman Obama failed in his pitch the other night, so the one thing left to do is forego the niceities and process and just force it through.

Obama and the Democrats are now at war with anyone who objects to their attempt to takeover healthcare. Republicans and citizens need to fight back against the strong arm of an upset political party and its angry weak leader whose true colors are being shown as clear as day with each passing moment. Real America is on display again. The flag waving, hard working and self-sufficient Americans who might live by the motto of Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death may be starting to show the rest of us, why this country was founded in the first place. It sure wasn't founded so that we could get to the point where the government keeps tabs on every medical device used, forces its citizens to purchase healthcare insurance, forces senior citizens to meet with a govt. appointed end of life counselor, and darn near bans God from watching over the land that he shed his grace upon. This bill shows that the goal of current government leaders and its employees is to micro manage the lives of those who they are supposed to serve the interests of. The old saying, "at least you have your health" won't mean the same thing when your health is determined not only by the grace of God, choices you make, and the good deeds done by your doctor. The U.S. Govt. will have a final say in that doctor and choices part, if this bill were to pass.

Give Glory to God that no government on earth can ever usurp his will.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Obama's Hometown News Girl Plants Seed for Backlash

Lynn Sweet, the original press member of the Obama Fan Club was the last to be called on at last night's Obama press conference on his healthcare plan. Apparently, everyone who went before Sweet must have stolen her question, because when it was her turn all she could come up with was to ask him what he thought about an African-American Harvard professor getting arrested and what that says about race relations. Perhaps, she really didn't know too much about healthcare to form a question, but she might want to at least make a habit of reading cliff's notes on the topic at hand, at least for prime time press conferences.

Lynn really showed her journalistic talents in the middle of a Q & A about remaking the way we go to the Doctor's office, the age old question of taking the red pill or the blue pill, and the importance of keeping tonsils in tact. It's good to know that the Sun-Times has a reporter on staff with such a keen sense of urgent matters. Just about as good as Obama's sense of meddling. Given the U.S. relationship with Iran, he said we wouldn't want to meddle and interfere in their baton olympics, but Cambridge is his territory, and if he has to take time out to chastise the local police he will.

Yep, Lynn and Obama are like two peas in a pod. She's a Harvard girl too, and after last night I'd say she has a real quick hand at opening a can of worms. The funny thing is that the result of her question is the last thing she would have ever wanted to have happen. Sometimes, when you can't think of a good question, maybe you should keep quiet, and leave the softball back at the office. I bet Lynn was just trying to help O with his bomb of a prime time special, but she's just not that good. Oh, subjective journalism gets so hard after a while, eh Lynn.

F-35 Not Ready to Replace F-22

The Senate voted earlier this week against funding the F-22 fighter jet, stating that the F-35 was a more effective alternative. It's so effective that The Pentagon now says that it needs two more years before it is ready. I suppose in the meantime the Spirit of St. Louis and Enola Gay will be given a tune up to help fill the void. This quick trigger voting habit that Congress has really isn't going so well these days.

Buehrle = Perfect Game!

Following a mid-afternoon meeting, it was great to check my e-mail inbox and see one from an uncle saying that Buerhle had pitched a perfect game. Sox took 3 out of 4 from the mighty Devil Rays and are now tied for 1st place. And to think, just last month the sport know-it-alls on radio said the team was done.

He's one of 17 pitchers to pitch a perfect game in modern MLB history.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

It's Not Just About Money

This society really does demonstrate a worship of money over many many important things. Regarding Obamacare, it seems that only when $ became the front page issue did the cry against it begin to take effect. But wait, if it's just about money, the U.S. Congress might be able to work around that. After all, spending is job 1 for them. What happens when congressional leaders cut a few hundred billion from the bill and win the hearts of the constant fencesitters in the Democrat and Republican Partys? The quality of healthcare provided by this bill will not go up (less $ = less quality), and the mandates on purchasing government healthcare might stay right where they are.

We should be scared if the main objection right now is $ and not loss of freedom and healthcare. It's $ that will determine if the elderly are given the care they need. It's $ that will cause rationing for the rest of us. It's $ that will influence how generous that health review board is going to be when they decide on whether or not and how soon you can receive the new hip or kidney transplant. Just like it's $ that sees to it pot holes are filled in June when first appearing in January on Chicago streets. Just like it's $ that influences a state to legalize marinuana, a city to open a casino, and decorate the streets with red light cameras. It's $ that influences people to have abortions.

We should be less worried about the money and more about what else will be taken from us and forced upon us in this H.R. 3200. Americans should be ready to address these concerns once Congress solves the money problem. Eventually, they always do.

It's all up to H.R. 3200? Updated: 1:22 PM

From the National Journal website, there is heresay upon hearsay that President Obama said that if his healthcare plan isn't passed his presidency will be destroyed. If he indeed said this, it seems he is throwing in the towel rather early. Then again, I believe he thought the Iraq War was lost a few years ago, too.

Anyway, in looking at polling on issues just before the 2008 Election, the percentages in order of importance were: Economy- 57%, War in Iraq- 13%, Healthcare- 13%, Terrorism- 10%, Illegal Immigration- 5%, etc.

I have never heard of presidential destruction based on an over-regulated, freedom killing domestic bill not being passed. However, given that the economy ranks so high on the list above, Obama would reach a better conclusion by admitting that his presidency may end up being destroyed because of the economic measures that he was able to pass. (see stimulus, GM, etc.)

However, there may be no better reason for the fawning media to tout passage of the H.R. 3200 then for their simple fact that "Obama Really Needs This; for now anyway". Perhaps if Obama really said what's reported in the story, he was just giving the media the motivation they need to begin a full court press of Obamacare propoganda. He'll be on T.V. again tonight. Look for him to put on one of his "best" shows yet.

Update: 1:22 PM

I'm sorry, I don't get this whole idea that if Obama doesn't get his signature issue of healthcare passed, his presidency will be over. He spent much of his candidacy during the Democrat primary repeating over and over how he came out against the Iraq War but Hillary voted for it. Aside from that and his receiving the crown as media's king, we didn't see a whole lot of difference between those two candidates. After finally wrapping up the nomination in early summer 2008, he only eclipsed McCain after an economic catastrophe. It was never about who had the better healthcare plan. Yet, geniuses like Charles Krauthammer now think it is make or break for his presidency. It's almost like the next selling point will be that in order to be good Americans, we must get behind Obama's bill, however bad, to boost the standing of Obama and save an American president from his own demise. Has it come down to this? Must I hand over my Blue Cross/ Blue Shield PPO to save the union?

Krauthammer's Take [NRO Staff]
From last night's "All-Stars."

On the state of health-care legislation:

Look, it is about politics but it's mostly, despite what Obama also said yesterday, it's about him. It is entirely about him.

It's not about cost control, because all of the plans are going to raise the costs.

It's not about improving quality. If anything, these machinations are going to decrease the quality of American health care.

And it surely isn't about efficiency—the inefficiency that has accrued in the health care system as it developed over the decades—because it's going to introduce all kinds of new commissions, new regulations, all kinds of inefficiencies.

It is about Obama. This is [the] signature achievement he has promised. If he doesn't have it, if he doesn't have a bill, any bill, at the end of the year, his presidency is going to be seriously damaged, and all the mystique will disappear. Which is why...I'm absolutely sure that at the end of the year, he will have a bill. It will have the words "health-care reform" on it. It will be extremely watered down: All of the ballast that the Blue Dogs were protesting against, including, I'm sure, the public plan, is going to be thrown overboard.

And it will be a very weak version of what we have now, probably even harmless—which will be a great American achievement. But he's going to have something. He won't have it in August, but he will have to have it at the end of the year.

Democrats understand his presidency is over if he gets nothing. (bold mine)

So the Democrats must save his presidency and pass some sort of health care bill, see. Remember when the Republicans saved George W. Bush's Presidency by standing on the 3rd rail of politics (Social Security Reform)? You don't remember because they didn't even humor him on the issue. If Social Security Reform was the "3rd Rail of Politics", than this healthcare bill is both the train and the rope which ties you down to the tracks.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Slow Tuesday

Since the Sotomayor nomination and the healthcare bill are in time out; I feel little drive to write anything today. Actually, I haven't really cared much about the Sotomayor nomination since she won't be changing the makeup of the court much, but like many people, I'm holding my breath on the healthcare bill since there is so much permanence to it if it were to pass. Supreme Court Justices come and go, and occasionally the most ridiculous rulings are overruled.

The American Thinker blog has had some good finds in the healthcare bill and they are listed below. In order to verify their conclusions, I'll need to sit down with a pen and match up all the sections and paragraphs that are referenced in whirlwind fashion, which makes reading the bill a total scavenger hunt. Who writes these bills anyway? It would be good if we could vote for them too, since they seem to be the only ones who get a chance to read bills before they are voted on.

The political gamesmanship regarding the healthcare bill will soon be in full bloom. The Congress's August Recess begins on August 7th, and Obama wants a bill on his desk by then. Seventeen days is a long time and plenty of time for Obama to go on the stump and stamp his feet and possibly get his way since he has been so spoiled by his bad parents in Congress. Nancy and Harry want to shower him with gifts, and his aunts and uncles in the Republican Party don't want him to get upset and tell all his voter friends how mean they are, so anything could happen.

Meanwhile, if you're like me you'd like it if the officeholders would chill out and let us just go about our business as fellow countrymen. Maybe, we could actually turn the economy around and change the healthcare market forces from just our own activities of what we will buy or won't buy. It would also be good if elected leaders would think for a minute or two about national security again; it still matters.

Affirmative Action Primary Care
Dying? Let's Talk

Monday, July 20, 2009

Confirming Citizenship = Racism

I just read this story about a lady acting up at a townhall meeting. She's bewildered at why Obama hasn't released his birth certificate to prove he was born in the U.S. She also says he is Kenyan, to give her back her country and her flag. I wouldn't want this lady to be my personal spokesperson, but the comments section in this story hits with all tones of mockery on a couple of repeated points.

A.) Obama is keeping his birth certificate locked up so that the Republicans can be exposed as representatives of the "birther" nutjobs, and all the with-it young people will vote Democrat as a result.
B.) Asking for the birth certificate is racist because they are only asking to see it because Obama is not a white male.

I am not going to make "Show the Birth Certificate" my mantra and the issue that I will go to the mattresses for, starting today. However, I'm not going to join the "sensible" conservatives who blast these yokels and wish they would disappear. As far as I know, I have my birth certificate on a shelf in my baby book at my mom's house, and I even have a key to my mom's house and I could show it to anyone who demanded to see it; which I may do if I become president and everyone thinks I was born in Ireland. I don't need the State of Illinois to hold a press conference about how they have it safe and sound, locked in a vault "Just trust us"!

Questions about Obama's original whereabouts can be seen as understandable. If there is another black president, don't expect birth certificate questions just because of race. If that president's parents were both natural born citizens, and that president didn't go to grade school all the way in Indonesia, I'm sure it won't come up, even if he isn't white.

Why do we require the president to be a natural born citizen anyway? Could it be that the founding fathers would have preferred a president that spent his childhood in the U.S., brainwashed in love of country and an engrained knowledge of judeo/christian and american values? Maybe we should have a requirement of time spent in the U.S. (particularly the impressionable age of childhood), in addition to being born in the U.S.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Obamacare Hurdling through House Committees

Two down, one to go. Obamacare has been passed by the U.S. House Ways and Means and the Education and Labor Committees. The Energy and Commerce Committee is the last hurdle before the bill can enter the house floor. A few days ago there was a story that 10 Democrats in the Energy and Commerce Committee were against the bill in its current form and would be voting NO if changes were not made, in effect keeping the bill off of the house floor. So, we are left to wait and see if there was any truth to the story or if since the other two committees are full speed ahead, enough arms will be twisted to send it to the floor. See the links below to other stories on the bill, including one from the New York Times where Sen. Chris Dodd (D), says that private health insurance plans would have to offer coverage to those with pre-existing conditions and forego caps on lifetime reimbursement amounts. Seems an awful tough way to stay in business if you're Blue Cross/ Blue Shield, etc. If they go out of business, where will I go to get insured? I guess their is always the public option (a.k.a ONLY OPTION post-Obamacare passage)

Update/ Tuesday 7/21: Obama will be inviting the committee on Energy and Commerce to the White House this afternoon for tea and arm twisting. Charlie Rangel will be there with bells on and as he said in the article, Obama has invited the committee to show that he is in charge. In charge of the bill he doesn't know a whole lot about.

The Bill
No pre-existing conditions and no caps on reimbursement.
Forced Vaccinations

Thursday, July 16, 2009

There are 40!

I was listening to Rush Limbaugh yesterday and he repeated something he has said before. That the Republicans hands are tied since they have only 40 members in the Senate and a minority in the House. This lets the Republican Senators and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell off the hook when 2 or 3 of them go rogue and vote with the Democrats on bills like the huge stimulus package early in 2009 (see Specter, Collins, and Snowe). This gave 3 Democrats in red states cover to vote against it, and the slightest appearance of bi-partisanship.

With the health care bill on deck and even in the case of a Sotomayor confirmation vote, if those 40 (R) senators could just once vote the party line, it most likely would make all the difference. When it comes to the health care bill, it comes down to this: if all 40 (R) senators vote NO, it doesn't pass, plain and simple. There will be at least one Democrat who will not vote for cloture on this thing. However, if a small group of those 40 defect and compromise with the 60 Democrat senators, both parties will own it, plain and simple. It doesn't matter if only 5 (R) senators vote Yea and 35 vote No, in the eyes of the voters, both parties will have brought socialized healthcare to fruition.

So, I think Rush and others need to hold the feet of these 40 to the fire. It is well past time for a party line vote on economy changing legislation. Even the House did it once when Obama's stimulus came up, but the Senate could not keep it's small group of 41 (before the Specter switch) together. No more excuses.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Judges can't answer citizen questions?

I'm glad to see the smart ones in the black robes are so separated from the citizen. It's evident in this story about the Sotomayor hearing that the court has become an abstract and theoretical body which exists in a dimension not to be visited by the common man.

See quote:
Coburn asked whether technological improvements that help premature babies
survive might "have any bearing on how we look at Roe v.
" the 1973 court ruling that established abortion rights.
"I can't
answer that in the abstract," Sotomayor said. "The question as it would it come
before me wouldn't be in the way that you form it as a citizen, it would come to
me as a judge."

Firstly, I didn't know that lack of technology had anything to do with Roe v. Wade; I thought it was all about privacy and choice. But what is with Sotomayor and her many replies of, "I can't answer in the abstract"? I get it that a case would have to be brought before her, which might trigger her wise latina mind to ask herself the question posed by Coburn, but then again, I don't think she has a richness of technology experience like the rich experiences she may have of knowing women who have had abortions, so that question may not come up.

You see, citizens form questions everyday, but those citizens must have the knowledge to translate a question into the correct abstract and concrete legal terminology, so that the ever intelligent court can understand the question and recall settled law and if not settled law, international law to come to a conclusion which allows Ms. Sotomayor and her peers to opine. Get it?

Congressional Congeniality

I've grown tired of the bi-partisan get-along gang in congress. Even when there is a big political battle it sometimes seems like the "fighters" in the GOP are just going through the motions, thinking about the next meet and greet. Today, pro-life Senator Tom Coburn wasted no time in apologizing to Sonia Sotomayor for the 6 pro-life protestors who interrupted yesterday and the AP wasted no time running with the story. The moral of the story is; pro-life protestors are always going about it the wrong way. Don't protest; you pro-lifers need to learn to love more. Why are we always apologizing for the John the Baptists of the pro-life movement? The ones who don't dress well, eat locusts, and speak with a loud voice.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Swine Flu- The Next Crisis that Won't Go to Waste?

Rahm Emmanuel is quoted as saying something to the effect of..."you should never let a good crisis go to waste". Below are some recent crises and their remedies:

Bank Failures= TARP 2 + Timothy Geithner
Recession= Stimulus Package
Climate Change= Passage of Cap and Trade Bill in the House
GM and Chrysler Bankruptcy= Govt. Motors
AIG Bonuses= Congress authorizes taxing them 90%
1st Swine Flu Scare= confirmation of Kathleen Sebelius

It's seems that the confirmation of Kathleen Sebelius may have been the one remedy that worked, temporarily at least, since once she was confirmed, the swine flu panic subsided. Now as a bill geared toward socializing healthcare is expected to be debated and possibly passed before the August recess, Swine Flu is again rearing its ugly head in Europe, and the apocalyptic forecasts for this disease is back in the news. I'm sure those in support of healthcare will trumpet the horrors of Swine Flu as the vote for the government takeover of healthcare nears. After all, the reactionary Congress always has to do something; I hear the zombies off in the distance MUST GET RE-ELECTED!, MUST GET RE-ELECTED!, BRAINS, BRAINS!

But doesn't most of Europe have socialized healthcare, where everyone has access to care? See this sad story from Britain. Apparently, the girl may have only needed some Ibuprofen. I hope with socialized healthcare, we can at least keep plenty of Advil around. Quick action and hydration seem critical, so I encourage everyone to take care of you and yours, and remember what you know about quick action and government.

It's All Settled for Sonia

I've never been a fan of the phrase, "so it's all settled then", but apparently, a brilliant mind like Sonia Sotomayor might be. To her, the right to an abortion is "settled law". I see, just like the "settled law" in the Dred Scott Decision. What was it that ultimately settled that law? And that IT happened after THIS, right? All settled, eh?

Monday, July 13, 2009

What Of the Anti-Palin Republicans?

After reading the opinions on Sarah Palin’s latest blunder by the former Reagan speechwriter, former Bush 43 speechwriter, former leader of John McCain’s 2 losing presidential bids, THE New York Times and PBS approved conservative columnist, the guy who forced himself to quit the McCain campaign because he was afraid to say anything critical about an African-American, and the go to guy from the ’08 McCain campaign for all the dirt that is fit to print about Sarah Palin, I wonder what this list of important Republicans will do if she were to win the GOP nomination in 2012.

Will they establish a crescendo of support for her or will they line up outside the studio doors of MSNBC waiting for their turn to explain how Palin has damaged the Republican Party and divided it between those reasonable ones like themselves who strive to find the middle ground with their Democrat friends (the ones who really no how to throw an elegant cocktail party), and those bitter angry Joe the Plumbers. Their steadfast protests of Palin’s existence may make it hard for them to ever support her as nominee because she doesn’t get the big things right; such as providing them the cover they need to take her as seriously as they do Obama. For them, she needs to seclude herself in her study for the next few years to study up on all the things she didn’t have a chance to learn while she was busy fishing and having kids. She needs to be able to get big things like Iran and Honduras right because she might not be able to tell the difference between the groups defending and crying for freedom in those countries and those disregarding court edicts and cracking heads. (although I might be able to understand disregarding court edicts, but not in the case of Honduras Democracy). That girl had better learn a thing or two about hiring CEOs for auto manufacturers, before she stands on a debate stage with the likes of Mike Huckabee.

Some of these important Republicans have made it sound like McCain let the crazy family member out of the attic when he picked Palin. Nobody knew of this Palin with her uneducated ways, therefore nobody realized she was related to the prestigious Republican family until Uncle John opened the wrong door; the one Lieberman was supposed to be behind. However, I remember seeing a nice looking photograph of a pleasant go-getter a year or two before Fall 2008, with something written beneath it on how she might run for president or something. Maybe if she could have fit onto the cramped debate stage she could have made Ron Paul look really good. I also remember thinking that this woman was to my liking, but too bad the poor gal was paired up with McCain.

Almost a year after McCain’s VP choice, this might be the ultimate conclusion I’ve come to regarding Sarah Palin. She would probably have been better off not being McCain’s running mate. By now, her approval rating would be huge in Alaska, her name untarnished, and maybe even the important Republicans (the ones that sometimes vote Democrat for President) would be taking her seriously; maybe even with a smile.

That darn Graham

My applause meter for Lindsay Graham has been stuck between 0 and 1 for as long as I can remember and today's Sotomayor hearings keep my hands far apart. Graham said during the hearing that barring a meltdown, Sotomayor will be confirmed. First of all, that seems just a dumb thing to say, and just one question for Lindsay; if she says anything about being a wise Latina able to reach a better conclusion than a white male, would that be the kind of meltdown you are talking about? Or if she starts crying for some reason, like Justice Alito's wife? Elaborate please. And to all you Palmetto staters; please vote this guy out in 2014. You should of done it last year, but apparently, the guy must bring Oscar Mayer portions of pork to the state. Conservative representation? Not much.

Friday, July 10, 2009

On Deck

Don't miss my post-weekend posts coming Monday. They will cover "conservative" pundits against Sarah Palin, and a walk down memory lane to the 2008 GOP Primaries where Mitt wouldn't lay a glove on McCain...

Thursday, July 9, 2009

What Do I Know?

This marks the beginning of an ongoing notation of thoughts about the things I care most about, I guess. But after all the screeds and rants are done, and after I've read and commented on the opinions of so many other pundits and bloggers, pointed out how wrong or right this or that writer might be; at the end of each day the question will always remain, "what do I know?"